Part 16-Red Ends Alert

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As I walked out of the meeting room, I noticed that it was already 9:45 pm. Everyone had to be in bed by 11:00 for safety reasons. I wondered where Abby was.

I closed my eyes and sensed her in my house.

Good, I thought. She was safe. I walked into my house, remembering to lock the doors, and went upstairs to our room. I saw Abby on her side of the king size bed and I smiled. I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower and cuddled beside Abby.

As I wrap my arms around her, I smell the roses from her body... and something else.

A male scent. Who dare goes near her that I can even smell it after a shower?

I leaned in so that my nose and mouth were touching her delicate skin on her neck. I felt her stiffen. Oh shït, I woke her.

"Joseph?" She whispered.

"Yes, Abs. I'm right here. Don't worry." I said, caressing her cheek with my fingers.

"How was the meeting?" She asked me.

"Uh.. some Red Ends attacked here, but it was at the very edge of our border, so we killed them- I mean our protectors- or guards- killed them before they could attack anymore werewolves. They took the dead bodies to our lab- yeah we have on- and inspected them." I said. She nodded and snuggled closer to me.

"You're warm." she said. And then I heard her thought. Like James, she thought.

I became angry. "You went with James?" I said in anger. She sucked in a breath. "Joseph, that's rude. You can't just read my mind whenever you want." and I felt her block me from her mind. "Who is that scent on you?" I pressed again. "James. We were walking in the forest." she said with no fear or regret.

"Why are you hang get out with a lowly? Didn't you hear my rules. Do not go to the forest alone unless you have two or more werewolves" I said.

"Don't call him a 'lowly'!" She said.

"Oh, now your in his side. Lets see how far that gets you." I spat. She pushed herself away from me and I felt empty. Her warmth left my presence as Derek (my wolf) howled for her.

"Abby," I said more softly, trying to pull her closer to me. "Don't touch me." she threatened. I stopped what I was doing. "Look, Im sorry okay? I won't be so..."

"Possessive?" She volunteered. I got mad at that.

"I'm not 'possessive'." I said defensively and I pulled her against my chest. She let me and I knew she couldn't resist me.

"All Alphas are possessive." She whispered before I fell asleep.


I heard a sound here and there and I opened my eyes to see Abby getting ready for... "School." She said. She read my mind. Abby smirked.

"Bye, Joseph." she said.

"What about my goodbye kiss?" I asked. She looked at her phone. There was still time. She slowly walked to me. Why? Walk faster!

"You're so eager." she said. and she kissed me. Then her lips immediately left mine before I could even put my arms around her. "Bye."


Since Joseph's place was far from my school and I was almost late, I decided to shift into a wolf to save time. It was a risk.

As I put down my backpack on the floor and began stripping myself, I heard a voice said, "Wait, Abby. Not yet." I looked at James.

"Wait for me; we'll go to school together." I silently nodded and we both took off our clothes. We were not facing each other.

As my last piece of article fell from my body ( my underwear ) I heard a growl. I turned my head to see James in his wolf form. Wow. He was a really nice gray wolf. Nothing special except that his right paw was brown. "What?" I said.
Then I realized I was naked and I blushed. I closed my eyes and shifted.

Ouch! I will never get used to this. I opened my eyes to see my beautiful silver self in the water reflection from the pond to my right.

I picked up my clothes and James and I ran to the direction of our school together. As we crossed the border of Joseph's territory, I smelled... Red Ends.

I quickly glanced at James. To bad I couldn't mind link him. I wiggled my snout for him to notice.

We were both still running and I could feel the presence of Red Ends coming closer. James stopped running and looked around us. I stopped too.

But why were we stopping? Shouldn't we be running so they would leave us?

Then I saw them. James growled. I growled as well.

There were two female wolves and they were hideous. They were so white with a red tail. They bared their teeth.

What am I supposed to do? Run? Or fight?

James made that decision for me. He charged at the smaller one, leaving the big one to me.

I growled at the Red End in front of me and barked, "What do you want?" The Red End did not answer, and clawed my face. I was distracted.

I pushed her to the ground. She whimpered but got up. I snarled and ran to bite her neck. She turned her head so she bit mine.

I howled in pain and bit harder on her neck till I felt blood come out. I let go and took a step back, to see the Red End charge at me.

She pushed me to a tree and raised a paw to hit me. I flinched, and the paw came. It stung like hell and I howled louder than I've ever howled before. Where was James when I needed him? I slumped to the ground, knowing that I was defeated.

My face was red with blood, but I did not shift yet.

A surge of confidence and power went through my body and I got up, ignoring the pain of my face and neck.

The Red End turned around, and if a wolf could smirk, she was smirking. "You bîtçh. You will f* cking pay for my face." I said and I pushed her to the ground and with one last effort, I twisted her neck and she went still.

Feeling proud of myself, I walked to see James on the floor, in the same condition as the smaller wolf beside him. They were both limp.

I jogged to James. He laid on the grass, very still. I nudged his body. He didn't move. I put my ears to his chest...


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