A hand reached out form underneath the brush as dragged me under, my body was paralyzed with fear. I couldn't hear, see, speak, I could barely manage to breathe on my own. In the struggle is dropped my backpack, and the man, whoever he was had taken it under as well.

"Wait, who the hell are you?"

I didn't dare move, too afraid he was a razor-tooth Special ready to kill me; maybe they'd do worse, I'd never done anything this bad and gotten caught before.

"I said, who are you?" He repeated, I swallowed thickly, slowly opening my eyes, being met with the most mysterious pair of glowing blue eyes.

There was another man next to him; he was similar to the other guy, tall, built, and surprisingly pretty. He (the blue-eyed stranger) let out a frustrated breath as the green-eyed stranger looked me up in down in fascination and annoyance.

"Leave her be Zylen, poor thing looks like she's seen a special." He green-eyed boy commented with a snicker.

"Shut up Harrison, she could be a spy, and I will not be the one who gets caught. Rebel would have both of our heads on a platter." The blue-eyed boy, Zylen, snapped.

"Who are you guys?" I questioned, sitting up a bit, as I stared at the two of them in wonder and disbelief.

"We could ask the same of you." Harrison mused.

"The name is Youngblood, Bandit Youngblood." I said with growing confidence as I dusted off my black stealth-suit, another device I'd stolen in my time.

"Youngblood, as in Tally, Tally Youngblood?" Zylen spoke, eyes unsure and body stiff.

"That's my sister. Are you.. Do you guys.. Do you guys know her?" I questioned stupidly.

The two looked at each other before Zylen knocked me over, grabbing the front of my stealth-suit and picking me up by the collar.

"Listen here Youngblood, we are not friends with your sister, we are allies, and at the moment she has caused us a lot of trouble. What does this mean for you? You are coming with us." Zylen growled, his eyes narrowing in hatred.

I swallowed thickly, slowly nodding. He released his grip on my collar and threw me back down.

"Harrison, you take her, and I'll take her shit. We're leaving, now."

My thoughts were running a million miles an hour, I was confused and baffled, not sure what was going on.

I felt myself being lifted, and soon all three of us were standing and walking to the underside of the bride.

"You ever ridden a hover-board?" I shook my head, body slightly numb.

"Guess you'll be learning how to today. Now get on." Zylen pushed me onto one of the boards, Harrison getting on in front of me, while Zylen occupied his own.

"Now hold on, you're in for a wild ride." Zylen said, and before I could say anything my body lurched forward, leaving me feeling like my body was being thrown into a bone-crusher.






The last thing I remember was boarding the hover-board and soon we were landing. We were far from civilization, the city long forgotten. I looked around, building upon building of twisted metal and cement lined the place around me.

This place looked just like what I'd studied in school, this looked like an old civilization lived here long ago before everything changed.

I felt the board land on a metal strip, where they stayed to charge and my body was pushed from its position.

"Come with us, I'm sure Rebel would love to meet you." Harrison's voice cut through the nigh

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