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How you are in public


Niall is a true gentleman with you. Even though you have been dating for three years, he continues to act like he's trying to charm you. He would hold doors opened for you and pull out your chair when you sat. He treated you like a princess, and the fans adored seeing the way he treated you.


A lot of people thought Harry would be big on PDA when he met you, but you two are very conservative in the public eye. You will, on occasion, hold hands and peck, but nothing more. You basically don't do anything you wouldn't do in front of your parents, seeing as they will probably eventually see pictures of it.


You and Louis were like the bad couple of the group. You had been caught snogging all over the place. He could barely keep his hands off you and would get caught being too touchy with you even while in interviews. While some people thought you were inappropriate, most viewed it as you two being young kids in love and found it cute.


Liam was a very protective boyfriend. He would wrap you in his arm when going through crowded places and hold your hand and lead you to wherever you were going. There have been times where he has been a human shield to paparazzi and rowdy fans. Everyone thought it was adorable that he was your knight in shining armor.


Zayn was not one for being all over you in public. He didn't want people to have pictures of your private moments. Instead, Zayn would just hold your hand out. He would pull you in for a hug and a kiss, but nothing more. You two were never photographed making out or being touchy feely. Your classy public image earned you huge brownie points with fans and their parents.


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