Hibernating (3)

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Jonahs POV:

Saturday is gone and I don't know how, I guess I slept through it. Today my plans are about the same, sleep, eat a piece of bread, maybe watch tv.

I go to get a slice of bread from the kitchen but aunt Melinda is already there, she's putting jelly on a piece of toast,"Hey Jonah, how are you today? Did you sleep well?" She then smiles her little smile meaning that was a joke, I guess I did sleep for a whole day.

I nod and and say,"I'm fine, just hungry after hibernating." I finished with that same little smile and feel a little lighter.

Aunt Melinda seemed to remember something and then set the toast with jam down on a napkin for me, she just smiles and I can tell she's worried about me. After I'm done with my toast I go plop myself on the couch and turn on the tv, change the channel, change the channel, change the channel and then decide tv might not be the best idea.

I go outside in the back yard and lay down, try to relax, but now that I'm feeling a little better, I'm nervous about school. Sure it'll be like any other school but with new people, new teachers, new classes, new school. I decide that I'm not very good at calming myself down and try to push those thoughts from my mind.
It starts to sprinkle so I go inside and run into uncle Phil- actually run into him- almost nocking him over, he just looks at me for a moment then starts chuckling, and says,"I see your feeling better!"

I just smile and nod, and he asks, "You want to go out to eat tonight?"

I shrug and say, "Sure..." And just like that were off.

In the car aunt Melinda asks me, "where do you wanna go?" I really don't care so I just shrug and tilt my head slightly. This makes her laugh a little so I smile too, that's one thing I've always noticed about aunt Melinda and uncle Phil, they always seem so happy.

We all decide on going to Pizza Hut. Over a combo pizza we talk about sports, weather, cars, school, and house rules.

Apparently I have to be home by ten unless I get permission to do otherwise, no alcohol or drugs- which I'm not planning on anyway- ,no eating in my room, I have to do my homework before hanging out with friends- I wanted to say "If I make any" but decided now wouldn't be the best time to say that.

Uncle Phil then gives me a paper and says, "I meant to give this to you yesterday but I heard you were hibernating." Then he smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. I unfolded the paper and found my schedule, first period I have English, second is math, third is PE, forth is history, fifth is science and sixth is art.

When I look up uncle Phil and aunt Melinda are both staring at me and aunt Melinda asks, "Well?"

I think it's pretty good, so I reply, "Great." Trying not to make it sound sarcastic.

When we got home I went to my room and finished unpacking my stuff, I got my backpack and filled it with what I'd need, paper, pencil, calculator, the usual school supplies. Then I took a shower and went to bed.

* * * {Authors note} * * *

So yah the book hasn't really like started up yet so yah... And Jonahs a little sassy at times to, just an FYI if u find spelling errors and all don't hate on me... If they're really bad you can comment but plz be positive no negativity, I'm sick of all that crap...
But yah ily all and stuff so yah...

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