6. The finding

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It was hours before we found a hiding place/shelter. It was indeed dark and gloomy, not to mention scary. It was a stuffy, small, damp, cave. I don't really think I ever liked the dark, at this point I was holding on tight to 'princess' like if she would save me from what ever hides in this darkness.

I jumped at the slightest rock being kicked behind me,

"Johnathan, please don't " I moaned. I saw something shiny on the floor and pointed to it. "what is that?" I asked him.

He walked over to it and picked it up, it was all rusty and dirty but bits were shiny. It had a little chain attached to it.

Johnathan spat on it and rubbed it gently with his muddy shirt, he got most of the dirt off and stared at it for a while.

"what is it? " princess asked after awhile of silence.

"it's a locket!" said Johnathan smiling. He walked behind me and put the locket around my neck. I look at it for a while and smiled. "thanks " I said to Johnathan, a huge smile appeared on my face. 

"I'm hungry" moaned princess

"so am i" replied Johnathan " you two stay here and I will go look for some food." he turned around and walked away into the light.  Me and princess sat down and talked for a while, intill there was nothing left to talk about,  I mean how could there be when we don't remember anything to talk about!


I woke up being poked in the face,  funny I don't remember falling sleep.

"here. " Johnathan said putting something in my face. I got up and brushed my clothes off and rubbed my eyes.  I must have slept for a while, it was completely dark outside, and a fire was going.

"my arm is getting pretty tired" laughed Johnathan. I snatched the apple from his hand in a jokey way, and of course he had to over react, first he fell on the floor and pretend to be dying and he finished with a laugh and a bow.

"thank you,  thank you, your too kind " he said laughing. I just laughed back, in the end we couldn't stop laughing.

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