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(Tiana's p.o.v.)

It was 10:43am when I woke up and saw Crystal still calmly sleeping on the mattress. I didn't try and wake her up instead I sat up and turned on the laptop. I turned on YouTube and typed in 'Zoella', at last when I have found her channel and clicked on to it and started looking for new videos.  Zoella is my favourite person on YouTube and I always watch her videos when I am sad or bored because they cheer me up. 

1 hour later

I am still watching Zoella's videos, there are so many new and interesting ones,

" Good morning," mumbled Crystal sitting up, "I can hear Zoella talking, are you watching her videos again?"

"Yes Crystal, how did you know?!' I replied sarcastically, and then stood up from the bed and grabbed my bag  " I am going to the bathroom."                                                                                          When I walked into the bathroom I looked into the mirror and saw a huge mess on my head so I opened my bag threw everyhting out of it on to the floor and then found the brush and started brushing my hair. It took me at least 5 minutes to brush my hair after that I made a ponytail and got my makeup from the floor. As usual I put on mascara, some concealer, blush and cherry lip balm. I still had to get dressed, I bent down on the floor and picked my outfit. I am going to be wearing a purle shirt saying- I am cool- and a pair of navy jeans( I love wearing jeans).  Now when I was ready I picked everything off the floor, shuffed it into my bag and walked out the bathroom forgeting to close the door behind me and not bothering going back to close it.

" At last, you are out " Crystal sighed, " Now it's time for me to get ready, you can go downstairs and get your breakfast and I'll join you in a couple minutes,'' and with that she walked out the room. I put my bag down and went into the kitchen to get breakfast. Holly( Crystal's sister if you forgot who she was  ) was sitting at the table eating some fried eggs and drinking apple juice. So I decided to have some fried eggs too but instead of apple juice I poured some orange juice into my cup. 


"Oh Misty, I forgot to give you some milk to drink," said Holly sadly, " come here I will pour some milk in your bowl." Misty ran up to Holly and stared at her while she poured the milk in. When she was finished she put the lid on to the bottle and Misty started drinking the milk straight away.

" What are you having for breakfast?" Crystal asked me walking down the stairs,

"I am having some fried eggs and some orange juice," I answered

"Nice choice !" Crystal said and poured some orange juice into her cup. 

"So what do you want to do while I am going to be here?" I asked Crystal,

"I think we should practise our song, " she replied,

"Yeah, that's a good idea," I said and drank the last few sips of the juice. Next I went to wash my plate and the cup and as I started washing it I saw that Crystal has finished her breakfast too so I took her plate and told her that I would wash it, first she said that she can wash it herself but I told her that I can do it and she gave in.

"So let's go upstairs and practise," Crystal said and then me and her ran up to her room. I took her laptop and started looking for the song on YouTube while she grabbed her music file and looked for the lyrics. 

"So are you ready?"I asked,

"Yes, lets start."


No more drinks                                                                                                                                                  

And the fireworks are through  

Here we are, me and you

Feeling lost and feeling blue

It's the end of the party

And the morning seems so grey

So unlike yesterday

Now's the time for us to say... 

The song ended as me and Crystal sang the last few notes. 

"It was perfect," I said very proudly,

"I know it was, but we just have to sing it again to make it absolutely perfect."

dddddddzzzziiiiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg my phone buzzed,  I took it and saw a text from mum 

- coming to pick you up in 10 minutes-

"Mum?" asked crystal,

"Yes,  I have to go home in 10 minutes so I better get all my stuff and we can practise when I get to come to your house or else when you come to our house" I answered 

"I will help you!" she replied and we started picking up all my stuff and putting it in to my bag. 5 minutes later we were finished and we gave each other the crazy look- the look we give each other everytime we do something hard and sad-  I heard the door bell ring and I knew that it was my mum, I went over to open it but Crystal was faster.  

"Hello girls , did you have good time together?" asked my mum, 

" Yes we did!" me and Crystal replied in usion , 

"Well now it's time for Tiana to go home , bye Crystal," my mum said to her,

"Bye Crystal, " I said and then we walked out the door and went up to our shiny new car. 

"Mum, can we go shopping please because it is only 3pm and the shops are all opened till 7pm?" I asked,

"Ok Tiana we can go shopping what shop do you want to go to first?" 

"I want to go to NEXT!"  and off we went shopping ................................

Thanks for reading this chapter and as alwyas I hope you have enjoed it. Comment down below if you want something special to happen in the next few chapters and I will try to add it in.  I know I haven't been updating in a while but that is because I didn't feel well but now I will try and update as soon as possible. <3 <3 <3

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