7 second recess

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Emma Grey

"I came to collect you incase you got yourself lost" i said to him. I talked to Jake with as much sass as possible. And I knew how it fueled his urge to make me angry and sad. I still didn't care.

He would still do it anyway. "Aww come on babe, don't be so mean" he whined. "You're one to talk babe" I rolled my eyes. For some odd reason, he smiled. It was a genuine smile like the first day I net him. Then he must have realized and quickly switched to his playboy cheeky smile.

I pulled his hand and stormed off in the direction of all the sports things and all the art and music classes. When we reached the hall, we decided to go inside. It was styled like a proper cinema/ theater but with much more comfortable seats.

"Will you forgive me?" Jake asked. "Not even once I'm in my grave babe" i said. He chuckled, then I pulled him up and dragged him all across the school. He tried holding my hand a few times and I just smacked his forehead. He tried making flirty comments and I smacked his arm. He tried scooting close yo me and I held my hand to my side so he couldn't sit. Who knew rejecting could be so much fun!!??

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