Chapter ten ~ The mall part one - Goofing off

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So yesterday was fun. First, we waited until Tyler came home -he was pretty late- so I talked a bit with Juke, while mom and Chase were doing God-knows-what in the kitchen. Luke told me that Tyler was supposed to go to a friend after he got his grades, so I was surprised to see he still looked presentable when he came home.

Maybe he didn't go to Laure after all.

Anyways, after that we all went to the pizzeria, where I ate a whole pizza with a shitload of stuff on it. I felt like I was going to explode but luckily, while we were walking to the ice-cream parlor, my body made sure there was room again. So I ended up eating an ice-cream with two scoops. And a few licks of others' scoops.

Nothing wrong with tasting other flavours, right?

Then when we got home, we all sat in the couch after saying bye to Jace. We ended up watching 'How the Grinch stole Christmas' although it took a while before we all agreed on that movie. I sat between Tyler and Luke, while mom leaned against Chase on the other end of the couch.

At the end of the movie, I leaned against Tyler's chest, while my feet were on Luke's lap.

I woke up today in my pj's, cuddled up against Tyler. I vaguely remember changing and going to sleep.

I freed myself from him, without waking him, got dressed and woke Luke.

Now, five to ten o'clock, I'm standing in the mall with Luke and Jace.

"Sally, what're you thinking about?" I look up, to find Luke looking at me, hugging Jace from behind, who is sitting next to me. I smile and shake my head, looking at the giant clock hanging in front of me again. "Nothing special."

"Okay." We sit in a comfortable silence for a while, Juke occasionally kissing each other. When I spot Jess, Indi and Jules on a bench a bit further than ours, I get up and drag the boys to their bench.

"Hey guys! So as you probably already know, these idiots are Jace and Luke... and those weirdos are Jess, Indi and Jules. Be nice to each other." Luke slaps me on my arm and I turn around to face him.

"Hey! what was that for?" I pout and he huffs. "For calling us idiots... again." I just roll my eyes and turn back to my other friends, giving them all a hug.

After talking a bit, we decide to go to the first shop. Me and the other girls know wat to look for, so we go straight to our target, while the boys are just wandering around a bit. When I've found a cute sweater and a pair of jeans, I look around for the guys, seeing as the other girls are still choosing clothes.

I find them sitting on a bench and decide to sit with them. After a while of just listening to them talking about football, I hear one of the girls call my name. Pretty loud.

I grunt and get up to go to the girls again. "Wait Kitten, we'll come with you." I turn around, to see the three of them getting up too. Jess raises an eyebrow at the nickname but I just shrug and turn around again. I walk to the fitting rooms -boys in tow- since they'll probably be there.

"Just sit there while I'll go check what's wrong." Turning around, I try to figure out where my friends are by looking at the shoes, when Indi says my name again. "Sage. Sage, I'm in the first one from the right."

So I walk to said room and walk in. "What's wrong Indi?" She pouts and blushes just the slightest bit. "Well, you see the shirt I'm wearing?"

I nod. "Duh. I'm not blind." She ignores my remark and blushes a bit harder.

"Well it's a bit too tight, and I can't get my arms out of the sleeves anymore." I blink. I blink again. I start laughing, earning me a slap on my arm from Indi.

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