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As tears roll down my face. The man starts to talk again. How many of you dummies would want me to Marry Kira? I looked at him in shock with a hint of evil in my eyes. Nate did the same as well.

I heard lots of clapping and noise comming from the audience. I looked at the man. He was thinking...hard. Alright then its Settled, I'm going to Marry Kira.

They all clapped as I screamed No. The man laughed and grinned at me. I looked over at Nate and he looked like he was about to strangle the man. A guy with stitched eyes and mouth walked over to me and untied my legs.

He made me not connected to the chair anymore and lifted me up so I could stand. He grabbed the rope to my waist and held onto it like I was a puppy. He brought me back stage into a dressing room.

He sat me down and took the cloth off my face. Then he untied me and threw the ropes onto the floor. I sat there stareing at myself in the mirror. A tear rolled down my face. Can I see Nate? I asked.

He didn't say anything but he walked out. I looked down with more tears rolling down my face. I heard the door open and the guy in the tux came in. I took a glance at him. He walked over by me stroking my hair. I pulled away and looked at the opposite direction from him.

Awe don't be like that Darling. He said in a puppy dog voice. Why me? I asked. Still not looking at him. He started rubbing his finger my shoulder then my face. Because Your beautiful. He then lifted my chin then kissed me. I got up and pushed him so hard he stumbled back. He walk towards me trying to kiss me again I tried pushing him away but he was too strong he pinned me up against the wall.

Starring at me grinning and then kiss. He then stopped and put his hands around my waist pulling me closer to his body. My hands were on his chest pushing him away. Darling Pushing aint gonna help. Your mine now so start getting used to it. Let me see Nate! I screamed in his face. He smiled. As you wish Darling. Letting go of me He giggled then walked out the door.

I rubbed my lips getting the germs off. I sat back down and waited for Nate to come. I was staring at the makeup on the desk then I found a raiser and a knife. I picked it up and shoved it into my white fish net tights. The door opened and I saw Nate stumble in.

I got up fast and caught him as he was about to fall I brought us down on the floor. His head rested on my chest as I was on my knees. I start to cry.

The I'm so sorry Nate. I mumbled and he looked at me. I love you! Not him! I whispered yelled. Nate looked at me and whipsered something. I got close to his mouth and I heard, I love you Kira. I smiled and I kissed him on the forehead he managed to smile alittle bit.

A tear rolled down his face. I picked him up and walked him over to a couch. I sat next to him hugging him. The door open with the purve standing in the door way. Times up Darling. Your friend needs to do something. He said with a grin.

I stroked Nates hair and glared at the man. What's your name? I asked. The man looked down then back at me. Fred. He said with a grin.
Well Fred I'm Kira and this is Nate. I think you should know by now that where ever Nate goes, Kira goes. I said mocking his Grin.

His face looked mad and he stormed away. I laughed and so did Nate. I looked back at him and I went to the table.

I found some Aspirin and gave him 2 pills. I found water and gave it to him. Almost instantly he was talking and moving. How do think we are gonna get out of here? He asked sitting closer to me stareing at my dress.

I don't know. I was thinking maybe we could just kill him then climb the gates and run. That sounds like a plan, but with what? I lifted my dress to my thighs and the knife and blade appeared. He got a smile on his face. Clever. He said with a wink. Thanks. I replied and got up.

Man this dress is killing me. I said looking for something els to wear. I found a black outfit it was a black dress and a black hoodie and then black leggings then black and white high tops. I'm not goth or anything but since its so black out, why not. I told Nate to look away and he did then I changed.

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