Angel of Darkness

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Angel of Darkness P.O.V

"Hold still" I say as I pin one of the many young Hunters to the ground. His only response being a whimper and clawing the floor as i pull his hoodie off setting it on the floor next to us. I place one of my claws against his side and make a small cut then I pull the barbed wire pieces out of the young Hunter's skin. He soon stops whimpering and stops struggling as i patch up his wound. I couldn't help but smile as i put the hoodie back on him and say "Now you may go play little guy. But please do be more careful and try and stay out of trouble." His only response was a nod and rubbing his head against my hand the. he runs off back no to no telling where. I softly sigh and look outside as i walk to a window, I soon spot two Hunters rolling around on the ground playing and growling at each other. I softly laugh, my friends were always entertaining to watch but they are still dangerous. Part of me wants to keep them here forever and watch over them. I must choose soon for I don't know how much longer I can keep letting them roam freely. Especially now that they keep getting themselves hurt, my worst fear is losing the little guys..

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