He looked at me, as if I was crazy, as if I was nothing but a stupid slut. The look he gave me was hate towards me and Robert.

''Girlfriend? Zoey...I need to talk to you for a sec'.'', I bit my lip, embarassed and ashamed that I let someone catch me having an affair with Robert. We stepped away from the pathway and Steve had his angry expression on, like the expression he had when his favourite football team lost or something.

"Zoey, are you serious about that...that?", he repeated it twice so I should know what he was talking about, but there was no use. It was clear.

I couldn't lie to him, he knew me since I was in my diapers. He would see through me, especially about things like these. Not that I tried to lie to him about Boys, because I didn't know much about it, but I lied about alot of other stuff.

He pulled me out of my thoughts as his foot was tapping on the street, loud and angry.

"Please....don't tell dad...I'll tell him myself...buy it's too early...please!", He shook his head, looking into Roberts direction, who was busy explaining how the fire happened, and then to me, furrowing his brows. I wasn't sure what he was thinking exactly, but I bet he thought that I was fucking crazy for doing this, but I couldn't change the way I felt about Robert.

"Okay, but do it as soon as possible. He'll be heartbroken if someone will tell him", I nodded and bit my lip, trying to avoid his shocked gaze. He rubbed my arm and quietly sighed, making me know that he was really disappointed.  "Have a good day, Zo. Don't do anything stupid", Oh. If he knew.

I smiled at him and made my way to the door, where firemen were about to leave the house. "G'morning", one of them said, whilst the other had an annoyed look on his face. "Typical age-couple. The older one is turned on by the look of the younger and forgets the Word 'eggs'", I scrunched my eyes at his stupid comment whilst muttering 'asshole' and stepping into the warm house, although it had a very....disgusting smell. I sat down on the couch in the living room and tilted my head back, closing my eyes and breathing out slowly. Man, it isn't even 9 a.m yet and we almost burned the house. Now when I think about it...the dream......I sleeped with Robert! I did it! It hit me only a day after, but it made me feel the way I didn't want to feel. What if I was really just a small.....bed bunny?

What if he just had his fun and....

What if I get pregnant and.....No! That can't be. I know exactly that he used a condom...but what if it had a hole? No. Whatever...No, I need to stop thinking about it, this is stupid. He's a grown man, as if he would try to make a young girl pregnant.

I heard the front door close, which made me jump slightly since I was doozing off in my thoughts. An annoyed Robert came in, sitting down right beside me. "He said that the pan was a cheap product and it could've been worse", He grunted and pulled a pillow up to his face. I scooted closer to him and layed my head on his shoulder. "Yeah, but that didn't happen. Luckily.", He laughed quietly, throwing the pillow away and turned around, his face right next to mine. "Actually this is your fault.", I backed away with a gaped mouth, offended by his words. "Oh zoey, that was a joke. But no really, you turned me on. Imagine if we had sex in that kitchen. We would be dead by now.", I scrunched my face in disgust, it was quite unusual hearing him use the word 'sex'. I know I should get used to this but...wait, what if...No these what-if Question need to stop. There's no what and no if. There's only now.

He pulled me closer by my...his shirt and started covering my face with kisses. "You're wonderful", he whispered, making me smile.


It was quiet in class and I was trying to ignore Matthews stupid gaze, knowing that he probably tried to apologize or some shit. Mr. Humbleston was at his desk, looking at all rows which seemed strange to him. We were writing a test and thank god that Robert teached me how to do this. Guess it's a good thing when your affair is your teacher, huh? A knock on the door made my head shoot up, along with the others. "Hey James", he whispered as he noticed that we were writing a test. Well, not all. I finished early so I had nothing to do. "Hey Rob", Mr. Humbleston whispered back, making a girl giggle. Oh my god.

I layed my head on my fist whilst looking at Robert and Mr. Humbleston discussing what I couldn't make out since they were very quiet. After 3 or 4 Minutes they finally shut their mouth and Robert looked over to me, smiling, making his eyes seem much smaller and cuter. I waved at him and smiled back, sighing quietly.

I looked over to Matthew who had his brows furrowed and was looking at me, mouthing 'what the fuck?' I ignored it though and turned around to Mr. Humbleston. "The ones who've finished can go now", he said, smiling at me. I got up, along with another guy and packed my things. Stepping out in the cold, dark hallway I realised I was free and had nothing to do the next one hour. I was walking around senseless, looking at the pictures on our hallway when I noticed Robert holding a cup and looking at the schedule which was hanging in the middle of the hallway. I tried to walk slowly and quietly, so he wouldn't notice me and it really worked because he didn't notice me. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around smiling. "I heard you" he said, again his eyes seeming smaller. "Shit" I said, acting sad. He aww'd and rubbed my shoulder. I smiled at him and leaned in, but he pushed me back slightly. "Not in the school", he whispered, looking around. I rolled my eyes and asked him if he had anything to do the next one hour. He invited me to his younger class, so I could maybe help him and I agreed, happy that I had something to do.

As we stepped into the class it was loud and kids were throwing shit all over the place, which made me mad. I know that they were still young, but they still needed to know what respect was. Robert coughed and throwed the books on the table, clear and loud, which earned an awkward silence. "so, as you all see, I have someone with me", Someone in the class 'uuh'd which earned a small stare from Robert. "This young lady-", again the class started to 'uuuh'. Robert threw his books on the desk again, one girl jumping from the sudden sound. "what the hell is wrong with all of you? Be quiet, I said!", some boy started throwing paperballs on another girl and started laughing, apparently because he felt cool. "Josh, I said Q U I E T.", now that was a nice, Robert.

Robert gave the class some tasks and worksheets that I had to explain, and started shouting really loud when that Josh started throwing paperballs again. We sat down, exhausted and stressed out. The class was quiet by now and they were fully concentrated on the tasks, so I figured out that it was time tk annoy Robert, who was currently concentrated on a map he got from one of the boys. I scooted closer and layed my hand on his thigh, stroking it in circular motions. Robert looked at the class, then back at the map and for a second, he looked over to me. Not fully turning around but from his eye corner.

I was stroking a bit higher by now, but he didn't seem to care, he instead started correcting things. Just as I wanted to move higher, the bell rang and I moved away. The class started getting loud and crazy, running out of the room. The cloor closed and it was finally silent, which made me happy and relaxed. Who knew kids could be such a hard thing?

Suddenly Robert stood up and looked at me. "Get up", he commanded, and I did as told. His sudden hand movement made me jump, but it didn't stop him. He placed me on the desk, his hands on each side of my thighs, his lips exploring my neck whilst I was about to fall of off the desk into the spawn of Satan. "That wasn't very fair of you, you know", Robert whispered, looking me straight in the eyes. I knew that I was red as hell, but I couldn't do anything but start to moan. Suddenly the was a knock on the door and we both literally sprinted away from each other. Mr. Humbleston stepped in, seeming not to notice the awkward tension, although he looked at me with furrowed brows. "Are you okay, zoey?", he asked. I nodded slightly and took my bag, walking out the class room.


What a romance killer.

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