Fear number 7

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I woke up to see Marcus and a passed out Tobias. "TOBIAS!!" I screamed. just then he woke up and screamed for me. "shut up" Marcus says. "what do you want" I say. " I want you dead but let's torture my little boy first" he said. he whipped me shortly after and black threatens to take over. "let me see him marcus" I say. he gives in after at least ten minute of talking. " two minutes" Marcus says. I walk over and wrap my arms around him. then I start to loosen his straps but fail. so I just hug him tight. then Marcus comes over and rips me off him. then he starts strolling forwards. lays on top of me. then he starts to remove my shirt and his. the suddenly he starts to kiss me and while doing so he removes my pants. im still scared of intimacy so I'm sitting here being raped watching Tobias squirm. then he starts to touch me. "no wonder he never screwed you your built like a boy" he said. just then I felt a blow to by stomach the baby. then Tobias walks up and wrenches Marcus off me. and knocks him out. Then I am picked up and carried to the infirmary. right before I black out.

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