Ashton p.o.v.

You know what it's like? This feeling when you lose somebody? You all think now ''yes, yes I do''. But you don't. I didn't just love him. I loved everything about him. I loved his eyes. I loved the way he looked at me when I did something stupid and I saw the little lines around his eyes as his smile cracked upon his face. I loved how he walked. How he talked. How he sang. How he made me laugh by just smiling at me. I loved how he dressed carelessly but still looked flawless. How he mumbled stories in his sleep. Just everything. You can't just simply move on when the person you love the most of the whole world dies in a car crash. I had figured out that the chance I would be with him was the biggest if I died in the same way. A car crash.

I drove a little bit too hard and a little bit to careless but I didn't care. I saw the darker clouds appearing above the city as I drove to the road it all happened on. I saw the warningsigns but I simply ignored them. The short road home. More like the short way to heaven if you ask me.

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