Jens POV

"Happy Birthday Jennie!" Josh yells as he burst in to the front doors on my home. "Let's go we are going out this is not going to be another boring birthday not like last year,"

I walk down the stairs with my baggy sweat pants on and one of Josh's sweatshirts that he left me when he left to go film so I wouldn't miss him. "I'm good right here, I got my popcorn and reality tv to watch."

"Jen come on." Josh begs me as I wander into the kitchen and search the fridge. "Sorry Josh I have plans, I have a date with my couch." "Well your not staying here alone, I'm going to stay with you and you can't change my mind."

I grab left over mac n' cheese and slump into the couch. Josh walks over to me and lays down with a big blanket and wraps us both up in it, we lay there for hours watching The Kardashians. By the time we finished watching this it was twelve in the morning.

"Baby we should go to bed," Josh says. I slowly walk up the staircase and crawl into bed as Josh crawls in behind me, he pulls me close and we fall asleep.

Jens POV

As the morning sun shines through the window I turn my head to find Josh not holding me. I raise myself from the bed and slowly make my way to the bathroom stumbling on my own feet.

I turn the shower on and as soon as I get in I hear a knock on the door, "Can I come in Jen?" "Sure," I say as I poke my head around the shower curtain, and not surprised at who it was, "What do you need Josh?" "I made pancakes for breakfast, whenever your ready come down stairs I will wait for you to eat," "Okay thank you baby I will be done in a little."

As I finish up I slid into Josh's sweatshirt and head down the stairs. The smell of pancakes and the sound of sizzling bacon pulled me into the kitchen. I slowly put my arms around Josh's abdomen "Smells good!" Josh turns around and place his lips on my forehead, "Good eat up I have something special planed for us later."

Josh's POV

Later that night Jen was getting ready as I called Jen's mom and dad who she haven't seen on months. "Hello is everything ready for tonight?" "Yes I made the reservations to some real expensive restaurant I don't remember what the name is I am used to the food at home in Kentucky, but don't worry I know the way to this fancy place."

I chuckle under my breath "Okay thanks sir I will see you there thanks for coming and helping me with this big plan, Jen is done getting ready so I will see you in a little sir." "No problem son, you don't always have to call me sir by the way,"

I hang up with Jens dad and she comes down the stairs in a red dress short in the front and longer in the back with black high heels. "You look beautiful babe, are you ready to go?" "Yes, but where are we going?" "That's a secret Jen, but I know you will like it."

As we get in the car we pull out of the gates that are surrounded by paparazzi. When we finally make it out we our on our way it will be a ten minute drive. As we pull to the restaurant I look over to see Jen's face light up.

"You shouldn't have Joshy," she says with the biggest smile. "I know but I wanted to Jen, just wait to later" I say with a devilish smile. "Your too good to me Hutch" Jen says giggling. I hop out of the car to open Jen's door. "Why thank you sir" Jen says curtsying to me as she gets out. "Anytime Ms. Lawrence," I say bowing. As we walk into the restaurant Jen gets a confused look on her face. "What's wrong babe?" Jen looks exasperated, "Why isn't there anyone else here?" "Well Jen I have something to ask you.."

Jen's POV

Josh gets down on one knee, I already know where this is going. "Jennifer Shader Lawrence, I feel in love with you the first time I talked to you on the phone, your my best friend and well Jen will you do the honor of marrying me?"

"Yes Josh yes I love you so much yes!" I stand up and kiss him on the lips and I didn't want to let go of him. As I look up I see my parents, Joshes parents, Jena, Sam, Liam, Woody, Willow, and Elizabeth, they all congratulate us as we sit to eat. When we are done Josh and I head home.

As we leave out the door Jena hands us a present and says "don't open it till you get home," and she winks at us, typical Jena. When we arrive home we head up stairs josh is walking in front of me and I can't help myself, I grab his butt, he turns around and picks me up bridal style and carries me upstairs and throws me into the bed.

"Well let's open Jena's present," Josh says. I grab the box and open it and find a note, "congrats here are two plane tickets to Hawaii love the Mokingjay cast." Not what I thought it was going to be but this was better. "We leave tomorrow, we can save this (wink wink) for then" Josh says.

Josh's POV

The next morning I sake Jen to see her already awake. "Morning baby, why are you already awake."

"Nightmare, no big deal, what time is the flight at?" "It's around noon I think," Jen looks at the clock that reads 9:00 "oh shit I have to get ready." As Jen scurries out of bed I flop over and Jen walks towards the bathroom and asks "are you coming?" I then turn over and hop out of bed "of course I am."

I pick Jen up bridle style and close the door with my foot. When we are in the shower I wash Jen's hair and she washes mine. I love her so much and I can't believe I get to marry my best friend. As we finish we exit the bathroom wrapped in towels and i put on my normal white t-shirt and some jeans. Jen puts on some high wasted shorts and a with lace tank top and throws her hair into a messy bun.

We head down to the kitchen to eat breakfast and Jen automatically goes to the fridge "babe don't need the pizza are going to go out for breakfast, go pack and then we will go right to the plane after we eat breakfast. Jen runs upstairs and quickly pack her bag, mine was already packed. We head to McDonald's for breakfast, after we go to the airport.

"We have a private plane so make yourself at home," I said Jen. She sit down in a chair and slowly falls asleep, and before she knows it we are in Hawaii. "Come on babe it's time to wake up," I shake he slowly not to hurt her.

"Well I'm awake what well I missed the flight," she awoke in confusion thinking she was having a nightmare. "You're fine it's just me it's Josh your be fine we are here, are you ready to go?" I ask her. She now realizes that we are here and apologizes.

"So sorry Josh I always get up in the middle of the night and you never get any sleep." "Don't be sorry I love you Jen." I kiss Jen passionately on the lips and we grab our bags and exit the plane, this time it is almost 8 o'clock at night.

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