Exploring is fun. Not.

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Annoying him was fun, he never actually hurt me when he could easily. Trying to sleep again I sighed and gave up, getting up I grabbed my phone and walked out of the room. A long hallway greeted me and I saw a person walking, looking back I saw no door, my weapons were in their crap. Pulling the sweater I was wearing around me I started walking aimlessly.
The person I saw walking pushed me against the wall suddenly and I kicked his crotch, running away from him as he held his crotch I ran until I was out of breath. And lost. Kicking the wall I sighed and sat against it. Getting a idea I pulled out my phone and gasped as I realized I dropped it while running.
I saw the one guy that took me here and got up running to him. He looked at me angry. Ah crap, "humans are killed for being out here" he said to me, "well I am not fully human at this point from your blood" I said annoyed. "Whatever lets just get you back to my room""I want to explore though it's boring in their" I said sighing, he did not listen to me anyway and brought me into the room. "Ask me something then" he said.
I found out somehow by finding a picture of him in a snowflake costume he was a snowflake in a play. I was laughing at that while he was trying to figure out where I saw the photo. He did not deny it though. His favorite color was a blue, sage, and he convinced me to eat a cookie easily. Giggling I smiled as he handed me another cookie. White chip macadamia nut and a chocolate chip one. I read a book after that, played snappy bird and broke my iPod screen by throwing it against the wall.
After I tossed it I went over to it and saw that it was just cracked, I played snappy bird after that and being tickle tortured by my mate again . Learning the hard way I ended up cutting my finger on the screen, making him annoyed, and putting it onto the bed side table not wanting to care about it anymore. Getting my MP3 player I put in my earbuds and played one of my playlists. I cuddled with him and fell asleep to him humming along to Mr. Wonderful.
My dream was of him in a musical play thing as the snowflake. The mate bond thing he did was gone so I did not worry about him seeing it.

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