chapter one:hold up...what!

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Hi my name is alex and this is my how my life got turned upside down.Just a normal weird day in west ville high and I find my self in a third detention this week not that I’m surprised no it is just weird because for some reason I seat at the front right next to mr flagobarg but mostly people call him flabby because he is really flabby and he wears tight shirts that show his belly which is a horrible sight that is why I always sit at the back..anyway I look back and …urrggh…bruno is still watching me with a bad eye…wait this is why he is giving me a bad eye. He wanted to know how tough I  so he challenged me to a fight and he said he will go easy on me . so I kicked his butt a few times and he started really to get his game on then the teacher caught us so that is partially why I’m in detention even though I didn’t care.after detention i head to the parking lot where my aunt serena comes and picks me up.i get in the car and she askes me,"do you really want to know today?"

   "No may be next time"i say with a kind voice that i use every time i enter in the car.i get inside the house and drop my bag the and grab my phone from the top of the counter and start chatting on aunt comes in the room and i walk out . i'm still mad at her for not telling me for keeping the secret past.suddenly my anger takes over my body and i can't see a thing it is like a red mist comes i my eyes every time i think of is not like a super natural feeling but a normal feeling my aunt finds me on the bed with my pocket knife that i don't remember taking. she removes my contacts and my purple eyes show and then  calms me down and my eye sight goes back to normal.That night i dream or a blurry object moving towards me saying open your eyes please open your eyes sothat you can see...

 i started screaming "why why should i do that why should i open my eyes ...wait..i can't open my eyes i can't see i can't say a thing it is all in my head and..."i feel a cold hand brush against my cheek and i wake up only to see aunt serena in her night gown telling me to wake up ,unfortunately it is friday one of my worst days because i have a double period with miss maxwell(who by the way came from the military)in the morning and a detention supervised by none other than mr flabbybut today a great thing happens principle gary spangler(also from the military)bails out from the warm up questions.At first i was happy but after wards i became confused cause there was this old dude claming to be my uncle.i aproched the guy when the principle pushed me to the guy and left "may be it is the drama club that he goes to taught him soft and smooth the guy said"hi i am uncle edward but you can call me 'Ed'"  

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