Chapter 6

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The school bell just rang and I'm waiting by the gate for charlie to meet me so we can walk home.

I'm just staring ahead of me day dreaming and I feel a tap on my back, I turn around to see charlie standing there.

"Are you ready to go" he asks.

"Yeah, come on" And we walk home.

But I forget who is going to be there when I arrive.

*10 minutes later*

We are at the top of our street when charlie says "Are you ready"

"Ready? For what" I reply confused.

"Leondre is going to be at our house when we get there"

"Omg, I completely forgot about him coming...actually you know, I said I would go to Bethany's after school to work on a homework project" I lie.

"No you don't, come on your going to have to meet him sooner or later" he says as we walk up to our door.

"Well I pick later byeee" I say trying to quickly walk away.

Charlie grabs my arm and pulls me back to the house.

"Come on sis, didn't I promise you that you would be fine?" He questions.

"Yeah, but..." I say, not being able to find what words to say to him.

"Exactly, now come on" he says as he opens the door to our house.

"We're home mum" he shouts.

"I'm in the kitchen, oh and leondres here" she shouts back.

As soon as charlie hears the words 'leondre' he runs to the kitchen leaving me standing by the door.

I take off my coat and bag and hang them up, I make my way to the kitchen and stop outside the closed door, take a deep breaths and whisper to myself "here goes nothing"

I open the kitchen door and they all look at me.

I quickly scan the room and my eyes land on Leo's gorgeous brown ones and i realise he's already staring at me.

Oh god, he's so cute...

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