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Mount justice 8 pm
The team was having a party.
Everyone was dressed up. Aqulad was a sea monster. Superboy was Frankenstein. Megan was a zombie. Artmies was a ninja. Zatanna was a witch. KF was dressed as kid flash. He was thinking it would be funny. Robin was a vampire. Anyway the only people at the cave so far is aqulad, Superboy, and Megan. Then later artimes came to the party then zatanna. Everyone was thinking were robin was. Then robin walked in as a vampire.
Zee: Good costume Dick.
Robin: thank you my love. He said in a vampire voice. Then a slow song came on. Megan and Superboy were dancing so was KF and artmies. And zatanna and robin.
When they were going to kiss. Batman called saying their had a mission.
Batman: all of you get dress you have a mission.
Dick: but he only have our costumes were dissent bing our outfits.
Batman: then you are going to have to wear those. I have a mission for you.

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