(Kasey's POV): 

I did NOT expect what happened next. "Da-Dad??" I stuttered as he turned a bright shade of red. "        HOW DARE YOU! YOU DON'T DESERVE A GIRL LIKE HER!" Before I knew it, he was hurling a knife at Maxley. (where did it even come from?!) It hit him straight in the chest, and he let out a blood-curdling scream before he keeled over. "MAXLEY?! DAD, WHY THE FUCKING HELL DID YOU DO THAT YOU NO GOOD BASTARD?!?!" He was silent, emotionless. "Ka-Kasey," Maxley weakly stuttered out. "Yes? what, baby? what?" "wake up." "huh?!" "I said, wake up!! Kasey! KASEY!" then the light left his eyes. He was dead. 

"Kasey! KASEY! wake up! It's just a dream!" Maxley said. "huhhhhhh?" I woke up screaming with tears streaming down my face, the seatbelt strap soaked with my tears. "Kasey?! what happened?!" John asked as I flinched away from him. "Maxley?! YOU'RE ALIVE?! OH GOD, YOU'RE ALIVE!!" I hugged him as if he was going to disappear. "wha...?" I explained to them the dream. "Kasey, I would never do that!" John assured me. "What happened to me though?" I asked curiously. "you were so nervous to tell them about us that you fainted, so I yold them myself! that's what!" He said with a chuckle.  "and I hereby give you the official "Doggy's Sign Of Approval"." He followed with the signature "approval" thumbs and goofy grin. "R-really?" then Seth spoke up. "yeah! Go for it!" and Jen,"You deserve a boy like him love, take your chances!" "I LOVE YOU GUYS!" "ahem." "and you most of all, Maxley!!" We then proceeded to make out, not caring who saw what. I heard a click or two, then we broke it up. 

(Seth's POV): 

I took a picture and put it on Twitter and instagram: they were mking out full-force, and the caption said: "Maxley Abrocket and Kasey Cooper: officially deemed cutest future spouses. Many years of this ahead!" I posted it and right then we pulled into John and Korey's house and got out. i chuckled when i heard them exchange I Love You's and walk in hand-in-hand. 

*(A/N): hey guys! WOAH! didn't expect that, did ya?! NOPE! XD Good, this took FOREVER to come up with! BTW I need a male character for Maxley, first male character in the comments gets  o be him, and the next chapter will be dedicated to you! Peace out, Panheads!* 

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