Chapter 5: Dueling Shockwire

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After their practice match, the qualifier rounds were announced and Eli is paired up with a slinger named Shockwire who only use Tazerlings. "All he use that is Tazerlings, it can't be misfired if one of the Tazerlings backfires" said Trixie giving hint to Eli. Eli said "You don't say" Shockwire approach Eli "People say your the new Shane, are you crazy or dumb?" "Any other options?" Eli answer. Despite Eli only having Floppers and Burpy, he manages to be pull off a victory by dodging his opponents shots until one of the Tazerlings misfires, giving him an opening to use Burpy to cinch a win. As a prize, Eli is allowed to take one of Shockwire's slugs. "Any of you guys want to join me? I'm a Shane you know? So right after this, we'll go on a trip full of adventures." One slug came out "Welcome to the team. How's the name Joules sound?"
On the other hand, at Blakk Industries, Maurice, a loyal henchmen of Dr. Blakk. "My intel told me there's a kid. He call himself Eli Shane" "I assure you, Maurice, I have many ways to deal with a Shane" said by Blakk slowly

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