Dean the starburst killer!

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this just in on candy land news, i , gummy bear am bringing you the heart wrenching news of starburst cities demise. a gigantic six foot tall monster named dean bear has come from the human world and began attacking the poor citizens of starburst city. you can hear their scream for miles. we just got reports that they are using all candy forces and calling in all candy reserves to fight off the evil dean bear. he has so far eaten the gummy cannons and even eaten the ammo for the fire ball cannons. we no longer know if we should have hope on defeating him. starburst life is becomming a record low population, we are encouraging couples to have babies hoping to create a baby boom to combat the outrageous attacks from the dean bear apacalypse we are watching unfold before us. scientists have tried putting coke in his pathway hoping the sugary drink would combat his needs but he plowed through the drinks with record breaking speed. leaving all the scientists to run for their lives. scientist arinstien was murdered for being a surgary snack for the monster as he was making his way to the starburst mayor. we turn this over to the news reporter we have on the scene.

this is miss jolly rancher on the scene reporting live from starburst news tower. i have a full view of the horrendous attack on the starburst people. it is the biggest attack on a single candy race by one person we have ever seen. we have tried disguising the starburst people as other candies, but he sees through our attempts. stores have shut down completely and flee'd to other cities. this is much worse than the human holidays attacks. all that he leaves behind are the wrapppers with which the starburst people clothe themselves with. we also have reports that this monster has began capturing them and holding them captive so he does not have to come back as often to get his fill. all we can do now is hope his rampage will stop at the starburst people and not continue on to other candies in our beautiful candy world. the lollipop goddess land is the next city over and we have already began preparing them in case of the attack not haulting here. we have been working with the lego world to build lego defenses against the attack hoping that if we build a lego wall tall enough, he will have no choice but to turn around and avert his gaze. i will now turn this to the land level, where graves are being made for all the citizens we have lost, and counting.

here we see all the wrappers and boxes left behind by this monster dean bear who is gobbling up all of starburst city citizens. families cry out in rage as they watch their children and other family members be demolished and om nom'd by this demise. we have started making mass graves for each family that has been taken, laying the wrapers back in the boxes and burying the boxes in the ground, making tombstones out of plastic with the families last name so that we can return and grieve for the people who have died here today. we pray that their candy souls go to candy heaven and have a great candy eternity. for that is all we can do now. god bless us all.  

thank you anchors, i apologize for all those who are watching if you have family in starburst city, we are severely sorry for your loss at this dean bear assault. we are already trying to make new ways of preventing this from ever happening again and have already collected a male and female starburst to repopulate the staburst race. if anyone has anything to tell us about the starburst attack and any information on how to possibly stop it please call 1-800-deanbeardemon. thank you. 

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