First "I love you"

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beep beep beep

You shift in your bed and turn away from Dylan's annoying alarm clock, hoping it'd shut up.

Suddenly Dylan groans and gets up.

"Babe." his morning voice sends butterflies through your stomach but they don't last long because you realize today's the day he leaves to film a movie.

You sit up and yawn, frowning at the annoying sun shining through your curtains.

"I have to shower, I'll be back." He leans down and pecks your lips before walking to the kitchen.

You wondered how Dylan could be so energetic at 4 in the morning, but that was the least of your worries. He'd be gone for half the year, which means he was going to miss your birthday.


Several minutes later, you decide to get up and get ready to drop off Dylan at the airport.

"Y/N?" Dylan asks, walking into your room wearing his outfit for the day.

"Yeah?" you look up, being ready as well.

"Are you ready?"

Your stomach churns and you swallow, "Are you?"

"Not really." He pulls you into a hug and you try not to cry.

"I'm going to miss you.." you mumble.

"I'll miss you more." he kisses my forehead.

"Let's go, you're going to be late." you sigh and grab the keys to the car you both shared.

Twenty minutes later, you two arrive at the airport and the feeling of dread was ten times worse than before.

You turn to Dylan and see him clutching his one airplane ticket in his hand.

"I don't want to go." he turns to you.

"What?!" You frown, "No, this is your dream. Don't say that!"

"What's the point if I don't get to spend time with you..?"

"Dylan." You grab his hand, "We'll be okay."

He nods and hugs you.

You two were hugging for a while until an announcement rudely interrupted you.

Flight to Los Angeles now boarding.

You sigh, that was his flight.

"I guess this is it." you smile weakly.

"For now."

"For now." You agree.


Last call for anyone flying to Los Angeles, we are now boarding.

"Yeah?" your voice cracks.

"I love you."

Your heart skipped a beat, after six months of dating, this was it. He finally said it.

"I love you too." you blush, not used to saying it out loud.

"I'll see you in a few months."

"There's always Skype, right?" you laugh.

He laughs as well and smiles, "Always."

And that was it.

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