chapter 5

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We were now trying to find a place to park and sam happened to thankfully call to let us know there's a spot next to his. As we made our way towards sam's car I started thinking. The possibility of Cassandra getting drunk is really high. If Cassey's coming to a party, she sure makes the best out of it. Well I guess sam's driving us home tonight. I really should learn how to drive.

"this is going to be so much fun!" Cassey yelled as she got off the car to hug sammy.

"this is going to be terrible." I whined as I went to hug sam.

"It's going to be fun Alina. You just need to know how to have fun, even if you don't want to be here. besides you have Cass and I so you won't be alone." he smiled and grabbed my hand. "let's go have some fun!"


Biggest lie ever. I should've known not to believe Sammy. Cassey and sam had already left me alone. I was standing in the kitchen where all the beer was but I refused to get one. Cassey was already drunk considering the fact that she's dancing with Johnson.

"I can't believe her." Matt said coming up behind me. Wow he looked pissed.

"woah there matty, are you jealous?" I smirked as he took a big gulp of his beer.

"of course not. You just don't know the whole story." he said as he walked away from me and said under his breath, "he better not hurt her."

what was that all about?

"Alina." I heard someone call from behind me.

"hey parker."

"I haven't talked to you in a long time." he smirked.

"what do you want Parker?" I said while rolling my eyes. Parker may be cute but he's one of the biggest flirts, ever.

"I just wanted to say hey ali."

"are you drunk?" I asked as I stared at him.

"a little" he chuckled. "but I'm here to do my job."

wait what? what does he mean job?

"what are you talking about?" I asked with a confused expression on my face.

"I feel like I'm going to throw up." Parker said while holding his stomach and ran outside.

On second thought, maybe one beer will be okay.


So I definitely had more than one beer to drink. If Im already at a party, why not just get drunk and have some fun? Don't get me wrong, I'm not super drunk, I just needed enough to drink so I can actually have fun.

Right now I was dancing with a random guy who I had already forgotten his name. And I got to admit, he was a pretty good Dancer.

"hey I'm going to go use the restroom I'll be back okay?" I said as I walked away from the stranger.

I thought back to early to when Parker had told me that he came to finish his job. my eyes searched the room to see if I could find Parker and once I did I walked straight towards him.

"hey Parker." I said once I finally got to where he was.

"Oh hey alina! just who I was looking for." he smiled at me.

"what's your job?" I asked not wasting any time.

"wh-what do you mean?" he asked nervously.

"Parker tell me, now." I said glaring at him

"what job? It's definitely not that Jack's making me annoy you." he said looking away.


of course he would do that.

"where's Jack?"
I'm definitely not going to let him think that his plan has worked.

"he's over there." Parker pointed at him.

there he was. of course he was there making out with some random girl that he probably doesn't even know.

Once Jack and the girl stopped kissing, I grabbed onto parkers shirt and dragged him towards Jack.

Once we were right behind Jack i smashed my lips onto Parkers and pushed Parker straight into Jack.

"what the fuck is your-" Jack started but I pulled away from Parker and looked straight at Jack.

"Oh sorry, did we push you? I'm so sorry. My boyfriend and I didn't mean to." I smirked.

"boyfriend?" Jack said while glaring at Parker.

"boyfriend?" Parker asked confused expression but turned back to look at Jack with a smile.

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