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Chapter Twenty Three: Belles pov

Before I could even move out of the way I was tackled by a very, very pissed off wolf. I could tell by its stunning green eyes that it was Jake. He growled loudly at the man near me and shoved me away from him.

He stood protectively in front of me switching his head from side to side as if checking for danger. Acting on instinct I walked over to him hesitantly. The pack mumbled their hesitation but ignored him. He was mine. Mine to take care of. Mine to protect.

Taking slow cautious steps I kept walking until I reached his side. He growled at me as if to say get behind me. I lowered to my knees and hesitantly stroked my hand through his fur. He was still tense but slowly began to relax.

He sighed and leaned into my hand as I continued to softly stroke him. We stayed there for several minutes before the air shimmered and a naked Jake layed in front of me. I blushed profusely and covered my eyes before they began to wander.

He chuckled and the tense atmosphere faded. He grabbed my chin and made me look up at him "Are you alright?" He whispered it gently but it was a demand nonetheless. Looking at him defiantly I glared at him

"Like you care! You were just using me anyways." He growled and spat "Don't you dare talk to me like that!" I spat in his face "I will talk however I want to talk. You. Dont. Own. Me." I dont know if it was me spitting on his face or the fact that I practically rejected him or a combination that caused what happened but the next thing I see is Jakes hand whipping towards and slapping me right across the face.

I stared at him shocked. The slap wasn't hard enough to throw me on the ground but it would still leave a mark in the morning. This is also where things didnt happen like they do in the movies. Apparently I was suppose to fall on the ground and cry, reject Jake and run away to my room.

There were two problems with that scenario. One being I share a room with Jake and two being I don't show emotions. To anyone. So I did what I do best. I thought about it logically and decided why not do what I always do? Ensure the man will never have children. And so I did just that. And then I walked calmly towards our room.

I waited on our bed for two hours before he finally decided to show his face. He looked terrible. His eyes were red and rimmed with tears and his whole body was shaking with sobs.

"Im so sorry Belle. I didn't mean to. My wolf and I were so upset that you were hurt and I lost control I'm-." I cut him off with a wave of my hand. I walked up to him and put my hands it his cheeks "I'm not going to say everything is okay because it's not. You have so much sucking up to do."

A tear slid down his cheek and I wanted to cry along side of him. "I want to speak to your wolf."

Instantly he started shaking his head "No he is still very angry! I don't want you to get hurt again."

My heart melted at his words but I needed to stay strong "Remember how I said you have a lot of sucking up to do? I would start here."

He looked about to argue before he thought better of it and closed his eyes his eyes flashed black and U presume his wolf was now in control. he started angrily pacing back and forth and I called "Jake." His eyes flipped to mine before saying "Its Blake." Rolling my eyes while he continued to pace I walked up to him and put my nose to his neck breathing deeply trying to calm him. His breathing began to slow and I put my hands on his cheeks.

He continued to look at the ground before I commanded "Look at me."

He instantly brought his eyes up to meet mine and I saw anger, pain and sadness in them. "Look at me. I'm perfectly fine."

A tear slid down his cheek and he whispered "You were going to leave me again."

I looked at him sternly "I'm never leaving your side again. I will fight to be with you Blake."

He looked at me with surprise before he roughly molded his lips onto mine. This kiss was anything but the sweet ones Jake often gives me. It was hot and demanding. In between his kisses he growled one word. "Mine." When he finally pulled away I looked into his eyes and whispered "Yours."

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