Chapter 1

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Laura's POV/

Some people may think that I'm daddy's rich girl but that's not the full story. So yes, I am rich but my dad got locked up in jail working for a business that was doing illegal things. My dad had nothing to do with it but he got locked up anyways. It's been a year now since he's been behind bars. My mom couldn't stand that her best friend, partner, and true love was in the big house so she went to a place far away that I didn't know of. She left when I was sleeping. She left a note and all the money to me, but didn't have the heart to tell me in person or to even write down 'I love you'. So here I am, living in California, in this big house for just one person who's still in high school (junior). Life is so crazy. I sit at my desk waiting for class to start as my classmates walk in the room and talk to their peers. I may not have many best friends, let alone more than 2 but my best friend is the greatest there is.
"Laura!" shouts my best friend Hilary from the door.
She's the greatest but she's not the greatest in school, maybe guys but definitely not school. She sprints over to me and takes the empty seat next to me.
"You would not believe what happened to me last night!" she screamed.
I roll my eyes making a loud sigh. Please tell me she didn't have sex with another guy! That's like her 3rd one this week!
"If it's a boy, I don't want to hear it" I grumble.
"Oh come on! You are probably dying to know eeeeeevery detail" she slurs.
"Not really" I tell her while getting my things ready for class.
"Yes you are, and I'll tell you anyways since I'm that good of a friend" she remarks with a smile on her flawless face.
"Do I have a choice?" I question.
"No. Anyways, we met at the cafe and then we started talking and laughing with each other for hours and then--" I interrupt her.
"All of your stories start out this way, Hilary. You meet them somewhere, you talk for a bit then you go to his house and you either have sex with them or you just 'make out roughly'" I confess to her.
"Not all of them! That one time when-- oh no, we had sex later on. What about-- oh no, we did that later on as well. Well what about--" I interrupt her hard thinking.
Don't want to make her try too hard when school hasn't even started yet.
"Let me help you since I'm a dear friend" I say with a innocent smile.
"All of your relationships always end with sex" I add.
She sighs. "Yeah I know but I have a feeling that he's the one"
"That's what you say for all of them, then a few days later your calling me and talk for an hour on how stupid he is"
"Well--" Mr. Green walks in making Hilary and everyone else in the class stop talking.
Mr. Green isn't the nicest teacher, he's more like a 'Shut up or I'll feed you to my dog' kind of guy. He mostly scared everyone in this school, even the teachers and principal, that's why he isn't fired.
"Turn to page, 116 in your English text book" Mr. Green demands.
We all do as he says and he begins to teach. Well this'll be a scary class.

. . .

I was in my last class, health class. Yeah, we're learning sex Ed right now. I was seated at the back just doodling on my notebook. I feel a presence behind me, so I turn around and see Mrs. Lagma standing right there. She gave me a stern glare look. I just awkwardly look at the smart board as the head projector projects a video of people having sex. Ugh, this is just not the best way to end class. Mrs. Lagma goes back to the front of the class and turns off the video. (THANK GOD!) I looked around the class and could see lust on people's faces. There were some couples looking at each other with lust in their eyes and some others who were planning on where they'll have their intercourse. Ugh, teenage hormones. They could at least keep it subtle!

. . .


Thank god class is over! Mrs. Lagma was about to pass around a basket full of condoms. Some kids took some as they were walking out of the class. Gross. I walk out of class and head to my locker.
"Laura! Laura! Laura!" I hear.
That can only be one person. Just as I thought, Hilary right at the side of my locker with a huge smile on her face. Hmm... wonder what she has to say.
"Guess what!" she shouts in my face.
"What?" I ask not really interested as I grab my bag full of my things and shut my locker.
"Guess who's invited to Sean Lights pool party!?" she shrieks with excitement oozing out of her.
"That's cool" not really interested.
"Come on Laur, this'll be great for you! You'll get to mingle and hopefully get a guy you really like" she suggest with a comfort smile on her face.
I haven't had a boyfriend sine last year. His name was Greg and he was the best, to what I thought. We had gone out for 2 years, we were inseparable but then I found him cheating on me with another girl and then found out that he was cheating on that girl with another girl, soon things got chaotic. I dumped his sorry ass and moved on with life. I guess I don't really want to get hurt again. Maybe this is good for me.
I huff out a breathe. "Fine, I'll go"
"Eeeeek! This is gonna be awesome!" she exclaims with a hint of singing in that sentence.
"When is it?" I ask.
"Next week so be ready" she reminds me.
"Yup, I will. I got to go but I'll see you tomorrow" I say and walk out of the school.
"Okay but don't forget about the party!" she hollars.
Oh boy, that girl and her parties.

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