Two Months Later...........

I woke up laying on Marcus' sexy tattoo covered abs at his house.I looked up to see Marcus playing with my hair."Morning sleeping beauty.",Marcus said,smiling at me."Good morning baby.",I said,giving him a kiss.I could feel him smiling through the kiss.I loved his lips."How'd you sleep,baby girl?",Marcus asked me,pulling me on top of him."Perfectly.",I said,smiling."I knew you would.I put that ass to bed last night.",Marcus said,playing with my ass."Whatever.",I said,smiling.I then grabbed my phone,and unlocked it,going to Instagram.I then decided to take a picture of me and Marcus.

@CraveLeeyah A Queen isn't a true Queen without her King.#BonnieAndClyde #Bae @ThaYoungin

"So,I'm yo' King now?,Marcus asked me,looking at my phone."Yep.You my King.",I said,kissing him,and trying to get up,only to be pulled back down."Where you going?",Marcus asked me,still holding my ass."To cook breakfast.Ain't that what ya'll like in the mornin'?",I asked."Nah,you know what I like in the mornin'.",Marcus said,licking his lips,and looking me up and down.All I had on was some black lace panties,a matching bra,and one of Marcus' t-shirts covering me."Baby,why you so nasty?",I laughed."I'm not.Yo' ass just so damn sexy,ma.",Marcus said,kissing me."Mhm.Well,do you want some actual food to eat?",I smirked."Yeah,baby.I'm tryna eat something.",Marcus said."Aight,Ima go cook.",I said,giving him one last kiss,before finally climbing off of him,and grabbing my phone,and heading downstairs to the kitchen.I then put my phone down on the island,and opened the fridge.

I pulled out some sausage,some bacon,some eggs,and some biscuits.I pulled out two frying pans,and a pan for the biscuits.I decided to put the biscuits on first,so I grabbed some butter out the fridge,and spread it on the pan.I then put the biscuits in the pan,and put them in the oven.I then put butter in both frying pans,and put them on the stove.I put the sausage,and bacon in in a pan,and I then put the eggs in the other one."Damn,something smell good as fuck.",I heard Marcus coming into the kitchen."Thank you,baby.",I said,flipping the bacon over,and putting cheese in the eggs."Damn,baby cooking up a storm in this bitch!",Marcus said as I opened the oven to check the biscuits.They were only supposed to be in the oven for about fifteen minutes."Yeah.",I giggled as Marcus grabbed my waist from behind,and kissed my neck before going to sit down at the table.I then grabbed two plates,and put some eggs on each one.I then put two pieces of bacon,and two sausages on my plate,and four pieces of bacon,and two sausages on Marcus' plate.I then took the biscuits out of the oven,making sure they were done.I then put one on my plate,and two on Marcus' plate.I then opened the fridge,and grabbed the Sunny D out of the fridge,and grabbed two cups.I then poured some juice in both cups.I then walked over to the table,and gave Marcus his plate,and cup,along with a fork.I then sat down at the table across from Marcus."Damn,baby.",Marcus said,mouth full of food.I giggled."You like it?",I smiled."I love it.",Marcus said,taking a sip of juice."My baby the full package.Independent,smart,sexy as hell,beautiful,and she got some good ass pussy.Damn,a nigga did good.",Marcus' took a bite of his biscuit.I was eating a piece of bacon when my phone started to ring.

"You are appreciated.When I was young me and my mama had beef,seventeen years old kicked out on the streets.",Tupac's Dear Mama,which was my mom's ringtone played.I quickly got up,and grabbed my phone off the island,and slid the green phone button across the screen."Hey mami.",I said,as Marcus got up,and put his plate in the sink,and grabbing my waist."Hey sweetie.How are you?",My mom's thick Columbian accent flowed into my ears."I'm fine mami.",I said,smiling."Well,I was calling because Cash told me you have a boyfriend,and I wanna meet him.",My mom said.Cash was short for Cashmere,who was my other sister.She was the youngest.Loreyelle was older by a two years,and I was older by three.Cash was 19,Loreyelle was 21,and I was 22.Then there were my two older brothers,Hakeem,and Kendrick.Hakeem was oldest at 24,and Kendrick was 23.My dad left a little after Cash turned one."Yeah,I do.I'm with him right now.",I said,smiling."What's his name,how old is he,and what does he do?",I laughed.Normally,any other normal girl who was dating a nigga who did what Marcus did,they would be scared to tell their crazy Columbian mother that their boyfriend was a kingpin,but I wasn't,because my dad was a kingpin,and my mom was his ROD.She was actually eight months pregnant with me while on the run with my dad.So,my mom could completely understand."His name is Marcus,he's 24,and he does the same thing dad did.",I said,looking over at Marcus,who was sitting at the kitchen table,looking at me,his phone in one hand.

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