Gianna's P.O.V

Today is will be our first day back from fall break. So you know what that means youy gotta dress up and look pretty especially me. Lets just say mother nature blessed me over the summer. I look over at the clock it reads 6:15 i've only got 30 mins to get dressed and do my makeup more importantly eat.

~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~

I'm dressed in a red crop top to show off my belly button ring with my beige cardigan with my cute brown booties. For makeup I did creme eye shadow along with maroon lipstick my nails match! I just let my curls fall widly because I think I look pretty cute. Bing. I check my phone only to read a text from my best friend Vera: Where are you I'm outside waiting gas boo?! I laugh at how she has defiantly picked up some slang from hanging around me. I respond Hold up I'm almost done! I fly down the stairs stop by the kitchen to grab a quick snack, but I see my little sister eat ting My snack . " What do you think you are doing?!", I say to her trying not to get angry.

She responds," Eating food dumb-but!" I walk over to her slap it out of her hand quickly run and get something out of the pantry and hightail my but out of there like G. I jump in Vera's car and say " Step on it Medusa's gonna come." She gives me a knowing look since she has two twin sisters herself let me say this they make my sister look like a saint.

After about 10 mins have passed we arrive at school. Everybody is in there clicks just standing around waiting to go to school. I'm a senior this year ,so i've lost all interest in trying to be sure early i'm not always late I just walk in when the bell rings. Me and Vera make it to our first class Biology with Mrs.Lee she's a hoot. Once the bell rings and we all have settled down she announces," Welcome back! I think we all needed that tiny break before we all went crazy. So today we wont be doing much except reading in the textbook Also we have a new student."

On cue a boy walks in with chocolate brown eyes and fairly tan skin with some visible tattoos on his arms. He is about 6'4 slim yet muscled body wearing a white t-shirt with a tribal print pocket and dark jeans along with black vans. His dark hair is in a black snap back . Don't even get me started on his face he has slight stubble, strong jawline, and pink lips with a periceing . After what seems like a hour of studying him I conclude that he is your typical bad boy who only wants sex and trouble. During all of this his eyes meet mine and he sends me a panty dropping smile. Being me I act like I'm fawning then send him a blank look. Vera looks like she is eye raping him. " Nikolai you can go sit with behind Gianna.Raise your hand sweet girl." , Mrs. Lee says.

He slowly walks towards me holding my gaze it feels like it is just him and I except for all the slores staring at me like they want to kill me. When he reaches me he brushes past me making our arms touch. I just sent him a glare, which he returns with a smirk God I already hate the kid. "Well Nikolai tell us about yourself." He tears his gaze away from me to answer smoothly, ". I moved here from New York. I don't want to be here right now it's too early for this. And i'm pretty athletic.".He has a beuatiful accent. Closing with another million dollar smile. The class pretty much went on like that.

~~~~~~~ TimeSkip~~~~~~~

By the time it hit lunch i was hangry a mix of hungry and angry. I pay for my food and go sit down with my guy friends since V isn't in this lunch sadly. And guess who Nikolai I find sitting in my spot forcing me to sit beside Josh, who likes me. Lord give me patience so I don't do anything bad. I am greeted by all the guys with a head-nod. Matt is the first one to strike up conversation "So Nikolai where are you originally from because I know a New York accent when here one." Nikolai looks at me that thirsty look again I give him this blank look he responds," I'm from Italy. But I can't wait to get my self familiar with Chicago and it's ladies." He ends with a wink and all the guys turn to me with questioning look.

Matt smirks slyly says, " I'm sure Gianna would love to give you a tour some time even make it personal." I'm gonna kill him even though he's my best guy friend I can't stand when he tries to set me up. I snap,' Well i'm always busy you know me and Vera will probably hangout." I wasn't expecting Matt to say," By busy you mean reading a book or hanging with your so called boyfriend Xander." At the mention of another boys name he looks at me with fierce look , "I'm sure he won'y mind and Vera can come along too my best friend Gabrielle will be there." The entire lunch was pretty quite after that.

As soon as the lunch bell rung I ran to my next class like my like depended on it. Only when I thought it was safe he spun me around by my waist catching me off guard he whispers in Italian,"Sarete la mia bambina. Basta aspettare." Translation: You will be mine baby girl. Just wait. Knowing it is closely tied with Italian I pick out the words girl, wait, and will be. She just walks away walking in on Marko and Bria( The two most popoular peopel) sucking face. " Well isn't it Gennie right being a creeper.", Bria said meanly. I didnt't pay attention to her while her boyfriend was looking me over ," Its Gianna you Thot get the name right and atlest my mom knows how to spell." The whole made ohs and burn commments.

~~~~~~~~Time skip~~~~~~~~

Me and Vera meet at her Hummer her Father bought her looking awe struck a some boy. When he turned around it looked like god himself took his time creating him. He had brown hair that was curly with chocolate brown with a hint of whiskey you can get lost in and his thick eyebrows. He had a strong jaw line pink plump lips. Has a good tan ,and was very jacked you can tell he worked out a lot by how his shirt clung to him.

He gave gave me and V a wink we both bit our lips probs looking thirsty as ever. But soon Nikolai had to show up and ruin the fun by taking his friend away. Getting into his all black Audi ir8 zooming away while talking on the phone. As soon as we get to the car we see my sister Tara making out with her boyfriend Drake. They are way too serious too be this young ,so being the big sister I am i get out and pull her away. "What the h*ll was that G.", she says now pissed. "Kissing makes babies.", I say while laughing hysterically.

The entire ride we jammed out and talked about how every-ones day was. Once I say bye to V I walk inside only to find my brother holding some mixed baby. "Hey Wren why are you holding some random baby?", I ask hesitantly .Please don't tell me mom adopted a child.

"You guys need to sit down for this let me get ma." , he tells us. So we both sit down curiously the baby starts to chew on its hand and laugh causing her big brown eyes to become big. Mom comes in looking unhappy. "While I was away at college I met this Hawaiian girl named Alani we were dating up until i found her cheating on me with this other who plays football. Then she drops by after what seems like forever saying the child is mine, and it possibly could be since you know we did it allot." he explains really fast. All eyes are on my mother she looks disappointed but happy.

"Well i'm happy to have a gran-daughter just not about the circumstances. However, you will have to tell dad. Now what is the babies name.", she says in a motherly tone. She has the baby rocking her soothingly. "Her name is Kalani." , he says in a proud way. " Well I'm gonna go cook dinner and why don't you go back up to collage and i'll watch her until break. G take her upstairs.", mother says.

I take her upstairs with me put her in my cousins crib. She is instantly asleep. I head downstairs only to hear my mother talking to some foreign voice on the phone. I ignore it go grab myself a plate before I get caught go take it to room eat it in there and begin to text Vera . All she wants to talk about are the new guys. I fall asleep before I know it only to find myself dreaming about Nikolai. But I push it aside since I am not interested.

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