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I wake up with the feeling of regret. I don't know if I regret coming here. Or whatever is it.

I throw on a white jersey, black leggings, blacks combat boots. I curl my hair and do my makeup.

I grab my phone and go downstairs. I wish I would've stayed upstairs. Okay maybe half of me wants to stay. All boys shirtless. In boxers. "There's something called clothes. "I tell Matt.

"Yeaaaa. "Matt nods. I roll my eyes. "I'm going out. "I say. "Where? You barely know the place. "Matt says. "And it will be a miracle if I get lost. "I smirk. "Bruh, I can drive you. "He says. "No. "I shake my head.

"Where will you go?"Matt asks. "Probably to get a job. "I shrug. "You don't need a job. "Matt says. "You don't need food. "I say. "Why would you want a job?"He asks. "Money. "I say. Matt stares at me.

"I want money to buy food, clothes, a car, a house. "I list. "Whatever you want. "Matt shrugs and leaves the kitchen. Lou walks in. "You gust should really start wearing shirts. "I shake my head. "Why? I know you enjoyed it. "Lou smirks. "No I didn't. "I frown.

"Oh you'll enjoy Parker's. "Lou smirks and sits on the counter. "You say that because?"I ask. "You'll see. "Lou says eating. After we made jokes about shirtless boys I see Parker walk in. Damn is he....he is just...damn.

He's ripped. "I now know what you mean Lou. "I say drinking a whole bunch of water. Lou cracks up. "What's up?"Parker asks Lou. "My dick. "I mouth to Lou. Lou shakes his head smirking. "Nothing. Nothing at all. "Lou shrugs. "Basic motherfucker. "Parker says.

My eyes get wide when I see the v-line. When Parker's not looking I pretend to melt. Lou wiggles his eyebrows. "I'm going for some air. "I laugh at Lou. "You need it girl. "Lou calls out. "Just wait. "I yell back. I sit on the porch looking through my phone.

"Matt!"I call. He comes to the porch. "I need a job. "I say. "Try that place. "He points down the block. It's a clothing store. "Peace. "I say and run down there. As I enter I was amazed. It was amazing. It wasn't a formal store but I loved it. It was all kinds of styles that were in.

"Hi, I'm Patty. Is there anything I can help you with?"A girl asks. "Hey, um...are you guys recruiting?"I ask. "We are short on folding staff. "She nods. "I would do anything. "I smile. "Well I'm the manager so here's the deal. You have the spot. "She says. "Really?"I ask. She nods.

"Thank you so much!"I exclaim. "You start Monday's through Friday's. Everyday at 11 am to 2 pm. "She says. "Okay. "I nod. "I will need your number if I need you in for an extra shift. "She says.

We exchanged numbers. "Ill see you tomorrow...Patty. "I say. "Bye?"She waits for my name. "Marley. "I nod. "Bye Marley. "She waves.

I walk outside and bumped into Parker. Since he was huge I almost fell back, but he caught me. I yank my hands away from him and continue walking down the street.

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