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Hello there kiddies i wanna tell you the story of my past life ..... I was a great little boy but apparently i was a little boy who was around to many girls and people would call me gay,homo,and little girl...I had 4 sisters i was in the middle of all of them i cant exactly remeber there names but they would put makeup on my face and show my "friends"... Eventually my parents told me there was a place called 'Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria 'i didnt want to go but my parents(mom) wanted me to make new friends . It was a friday afternoon and i just got outta school i was so " excited " NOT i was like WTF I DONT WANNA GO  but i put a smile on my face .... i ran as fast as possible to the car and got in we pulled up at Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria 20 minutes later ...i looked very kid friendly and fun so i told my mom i gotta go potty befor i start to play with anybody..... I walked into the bathroom did my buisness then i walked to the sink but i couldnt reach the sink then a man in a purple jacket and a golden pocket on his jacket walked in and saw me struggling to get to the sink to turn on he asked me "hey little Guy you need help?" I said "Yes sir.." He turned the sink on put the soap in my hand asked me "Whats your name son?" I said "Billy.." He said "well billy you wanna play a game with me ?

!" I said "YES!!!!" Then he said its called "Russian Roulet!" He pulls out a gun and says "You go  first.."I was stupid i grabbed the gun put it to my head and pulled

  trigger .....I didnt come back out that bathroom...Now im this (Refering to bonnie the bunny)

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