1 More Chance

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We order our food while I identified all of the fish in the tank. (I know, I'm a nerd)

The night was going pretty well until the worst possible thing could happen...
Hayes and Nash walk through the door! I did realize that at first but, Hannah pointed out for me.
"Uh Sam, I'm going to the bathroom" I said, getting up "I'll be right back"
I ran to the bathroom with Hannah follow close behind leaving a confused, sad Sammy.
"Uh, ok" he replied, looking back at his menu. Hayes was approaching Sammy as I walked away.

Sammy's POV

Sky and Hannah just went to the bathroom and I had just decided what I was going to order when an out of breath Hayes appeared at my table.
"Sammy" Hayes breathed out "Sky, Sorry" he wasn't saying full sentences but, after he caught his breath he told me what had happened.
"So, you made out with my sister and then went to the mall to make out with one of her new friends?" I asked, furious.
"N-no, I was trying to find a present fro Sky so I could ask her to be my girlfriend" he stuttered "Riley had seen me and told me that she missed me, that's when she kissed me!" He explained. I was still really mad, but I was scared. My only little sister was now heartbroken and I had no idea how to fix it.
"Ok dude, but your gonna have to explain that to her, and she's not the easiest to convince" I told Hayes

Sky's POV

"How'd he find us?!?" I yelled as Hannah and I entered the bathroom
"I might've texted Nash, but I didn't tell him where we went" She explained while I paced back and forth trying to keep calm.
"Oh God, what could that douch possibly want now?!" I screamed when all of a sudden Hayes burst through the door.
"WHAT THE FUCK HAYES?!?" Hannah and I shrieked in sync
"Sky, I need to explain myself" He said, ignoring our previous question.
"What do you need to explain to me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow
"Just come with me" he grabbed my arm and dragged me back to the table, with Hannah right on out heels.
"Sammy, please tell your sister what I told you?" Hayes demanded.
That's when Sammy told me the whole story. He wasn't even there but I actually believed him; he had a way with words but, I needed Hayes to sincerely apologize.
"Ok, I kinda understand but, I need a sincere apology from you, Hayes" I stated. No one gets away with making me cry and not apologizing.
"Sky Channing Wilkinson" Hayes began "I am so truly sorry for all of the pain I've put you through and all the tears I've made your beautiful eyes cry" he was looking at me, eye to eye never leaving out on going gaze "Please forgive me and do me the honors of being my girlfriend?"
I was awe struck; I had no clue what to say but, I knew what I wanted.
"I forgive you, Hayes" I accepted his apology "And, yes" I was engulfed in his arms and lifted off of the ground.
Hayes placed me down and screamed at the top of his lungs, "SHE SAID YES!" while jumping up and down like a small child. I just laughed and continued watching my now new boyfriend make himself look stupid.
"Hayes calm down, people are watching" I whispered, pointing see everyone around us.
"What I can't show off my beautiful girlfriend?" He pouted and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his chin on my head.
"Fine, but be quieter please" we sat down and the food soon reached out table. I wasn't really that hungry so, I took it to go. We agreed that Hayes and Nash would be coming over tonight and they'd sleep over. The car ride home was pretty quiet because Hannah and I fell asleep.

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