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It's in your eyes where I found peace.

Mornings and I never went well together. No matter what day, I hate mornings. It's just that, I feel robbed. Mornings robbed me the sleep I needed. I love sleeping, a lot.

That's why I love Saturday and Sunday mornings. I just love them and I don't know what-

Is this a dream or am I really hearing those annoying knocks on my door? I think I'm imagining things. It's Saturday morning, after all.

I pulled my pillow over my face and let sleep succumb me again.

When I'm practically dozing off, a loud knock- more of bump- jumped me off my bed. I almost fell. Half my body was on the floor, particularly my face was kissing it.

I woke up in pure daze and irritation. It's Saturday! All of times, it's morning!

I stared at my door. The knocking stopped or did it really happen? I pulled myself up. I'm still disoriented.

10: 17 AM

My clock says it's not even 11 AM. What the- it's still early, I thought as I crawl back to my bed.

I heard a loud knock followed by an irritated voice.

"Cloud Ace Montero! If you do not open this fucking door, I swear I'll destroy this!"

I stopped mid-way of crawling back to my bed.

Cloud Ace Montero.
Fucking door.
Destroy this.

At least that was what I understood from all the ramblings and the knockings. I stared at the door dumdfounded.

Am I forgetting something? Saturday mornings. Cloud sleeps all day. Weekends. Weekends. Week-

Weekend date with Ely!

I heard Ely talking to someone. I supposed it's Rain. I could faintly hear Ely thanking Rain for something.

"Sorry for the trouble." Ely said.

I didn't hear Rain's answer. I heard the front door closing and I know Rain's off to somewhere. She's always off to somewhere.

Still dazed and disoriented, I quickly went to the door to open it but as I approached, the knob turned.

No, no, no, no-

At the first sight of her, she was blazing. Scratch that, she was on fire. She was approaching me fiercely and she's reaching over my things on the process.

"Why the fuck are you not opening the damn door?!" She hissed and throwed something I-don't-know-what which I willingly dodged. She seldomly cuss but when she does, she doesn't stop until she calm down.

"Hey-" as I protected myself from the flying book that almost hitted my face- "I overslept, okay? Calm down, Ely! Hey!" Again, I dodged something that she threw on me. When I stared at it, it was my Physics book.

I quickly went to her and stopped her from grabbing things and throwing them on me. She was beet red.

"You better chill, you know." I said while staring at her red face. She's still fuming.

"I can't so fuck off." She looked away and absentmindedly grabbed something. She attempted to throw at me my alarm clock. Damn, this girl.

I stopped her.

"Stop it, okay?" I can see that she's exhausted. I led her to sit on my bed and kneeled in front of her. She's avoiding my eyes so I held her chin and made her look at me. She really had the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. And right now, they're on fire. She's looking down on me.

She sniffed. "I knocked for almost 30 minutes, you know and I didn't even get any fucking response from you." She sniffed again. She's crying. I can't bear looking at those eyes while tears are swelling on them. I quickly wiped the tears that are rolling on her cheeks.

"No, no, no. I'm sorry." I quickly wiped again a fresh tear. "Don't cry. I'll take a shower, promise I'll be quick." And quickly went for the bathroom. I looked back at her and saw how messed up she was.

"Uhm, you can wait for me outside and uh, you can also fix yourself on the common room." I didn't wait for her reply and quickly went to the bathroom.

I heard my door clicked and I know she's outside now. I quickly showered. After showering, I immediately rummaged through my things and found something presentable to wear.

After 15mins, I'm done.

Just gray pants and a plain blue v-neck shirt. Just casual.

I searched for her and couldn't find her in the living room so I sat and waited for her on the couch. She's still probably in the common room.

She went out 10 mins after, looking glorious as always. She was even surprised when she saw me sitting in the couch.

"You're fast," she said quietly.

"I told 'ya." Then flashed her one of my cutest smiles.

"It won't work, Cloud. I'm still upset. Let's go?" She said while collecting her things.

"Okay. And I'm really sorry, I forgot. I'll make it up to you, promise Ely. I'll do anything you want." I pleaded.

She looked at me. She's too pretty for her own good. That monkey is so damn lucky, I mean her boyfriend Clark.

Her hair was luxurious brown. Her cheeks were a perfect red, I don't know if because of some blush girls put on their faces or just natural. She was wearing a pink floral dress. I could stare at her face all day. Dates be damned.


"Yes." I answered, expecting the worst.

She smirked. "Later. Let's go."

I followed her. I'm not gonna like this.

Mornings and me never did went well.

A/N: Bizzare Love Triangle


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