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Dylan had chosen to wear her knee-length cream colored dress with a cutout on the backside. She fixed her hair into a neat bun as per Luke's request because he believed that it'll help them blend in with the crowd. She wore her pair of contacts tonight because she thought the glasses didn't fit well with the rest of the look. And lastly, she put on deep red lipstick as a finishing touch and looked at herself in the mirror.

She smiled. She smiled because she felt worthy. She smiled because she had Luke as her best friend. And she smiled because she felt happy again.

After checking the time, she stood up off the small stool and grabbed her small handbag. Luke had said he had to help his mom with a couple errands and would get ready at Liz's house and meet Dylan at the restaurant. He made sure to remind Dylan that the reservation was under the name Luke Bond more than a few times, a laugh coming from him each time he had repeated himself.

Dylan locked the front door behind her and carefully walked down the stairs. She had took note of the weather before leaving, noticing that it was a cloudy night and made sure to grab enough money to catch a cab to the restaurant, knowing Luke was bringing his father's car with him so he could drive them back.

"Henley Avenue please." She politely answers the driver who asked for a destination.

"Date night, huh?," the man asked Dylan.

"Um, not exactly. Just having dinner with a friend."

The man smiled at her through the mirror. "Ma'am, I don't think a friend would take you out to such a nice place for dinner. This one must really care about you."

"Yeah, I guess he does." She smiled to herself, watching a couple droplets from the sky slowly hit the window of the car.

It was about a twenty minute drive, and Dylan quickly ran under the small covering outside of the restaurant to hide from the rain before fixing her dress and walking inside. The man at the front kindly asked how he may assist her to which Dylan answered that she has reservations under Luke Bond, trying her very hardest to not lose her composure and laugh in front of the man.

Thankfully, he did not question her and led her to the table at the corner. Luke hadn't arrived yet, but she wasn't expecting him to be here anyways. She came a few minutes earlier because she felt as though bad luck would strike and if she had waited any longer, traffic would increase or the cab would have broken down or just something would stop her from getting to the restaurant.

She was beyond excited. She and Luke really did have a great time when they did this a few years ago. A smile grew on her face as she thought about Luke's joyous look and lively blue eyes. Dylan knew she was more than lucky to have a guy like Luke to call her best friend. He made her feel like everything will be okay.

The waiter came at her table and pulled her out of her thoughts, asking what she would like to drink. She simply answered water and ordered the same for Luke. The waiter came back a few minutes later, placing the drinks on the table and leaving two menus on the table.

Dylan thanked him and looked down at her watch. It had been about fifteen minutes so she knew Luke must be close by, not feeling the need to call him and ask for his whereabouts. She pulled out her phone from the small clutch and scrolled through her emails, swiping left to trash all the spam in her inbox. A few more minutes passed and the front door opened.

Dylan snapped her head towards the direction of the door, looking for her blond-haired friend but was disappointed when she saw it was only an elderly couple walking hand-in-hand into the restaurant. After playing around on her phone for a while more, she put it back into her clutch and sighed. She placed her arms on the table and looked around her, taking note of all the other high-end couples eating their small-proportioned meals.

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