Part 6

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For the rest of the night I was trying to find out where my mom was. Aron called me and said that his parents were gone too. I went to his house to go pick him up. "Do you know where your parents went?" I asked. "No, but they did leave a note." He said back. Aron reached into his pocket and grabbed out a little letter. Then he read it. "Dear son we left for the night we don't know how long we will be out, but we have some things to discuss with a fellow acquaintance. Mom and Dad.

Does that mean that my mom is talking to your parents about what she saw." "Yeah" "oh god, where do you think they are meeting?" I asked. "I don't know." We drove around for a while trying to see if we could find any of our parents cars. And then we found my moms car. Aron saw his parents car at the other end. They were at a park.

"Hello, Klida, Angus." "Hello,Helen" "so are you aware of your sons whereabouts?" My mom said. "No we are not." Aron's parents said back. "Well i just walked into my daughter and your son making out and possibly a little bit more. If you know what I mean. that was very disturbing because just a day ago they were best friends." "Oh my. What should we do?" Klida said. "Well I think that we should act like nothing happened then bust them the next time they kiss and then they will break up and everything will be okay." My mom said.

They agreed, shook hands and left. Aron and I were hiding in a bush. We kind of heard the plan but not really. "Well Alice we know what this mean. If we don't kiss or if we don't spend time with each other other then school then our parents wouldn't be able to catch us kissing or anything." Look Aron I want to date you but I can't do this. I don't want to have a secretive relationship. This is all to much. "Wait are you--- " No I'm not breaking up with you I'm just saying that we can do whatever we want. Let's actually be around them as much as possible and we will never break " oh that's smart." Aron said.

I drove Aron home and I took a shortcut so we would get home before his parents. Then I went home and surprisingly I got home before my mom. I ran up to my room as quick as I could. I turned off the lights and went to bed. I heard my mom come into my room. She kissed my forehead and then I thought that she left. I heard something going through my stuff. I turned my head and I see my mom. "Mom what are you doing!?"

"Oh hi hunny. Um I'm not doing anything I'm just leaving. Go back to bed.

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