Chapter One

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*Sydney's POV*

I lay in my bed trying to fall asleep but I couldn't. The moon was shining right through my bright blue curtains making my room glisten. I turn the other way to face My bedroom door hoping I could block out the light, and it did. I gently close my eyes and as I am slowly drifting to sleep I hear rustling outside of my balcony door. I instantly jump up on my bed, standing on my knees. I would be prepared for what ever would come in. When the door opened I did not hit nor try to attack in any way. It wasn't a murderer or kidnapper, instead it was my boyfriend. I run up to him and jump on his waist wrapping my legs around him. He holds my petite waist so I wouldn't fall off, and so he could pull me closer. Our lips met each others and slowly progressed into tounge. We slowly started to walk back to my bed until I heard a ring. It was my phone. I hop off of him to get to my phone before it's counted as a missed call. "Hello?" I ask through the phone. "Oh yeah hey Sydney...can you come pick me up?" He questions through the phone sounding like he is starting to tear up. "Of course." I add, I put on my leather jacket and some combat boots and walk out the door. "Wait!" he says sitting on my bed. "I can't...just wait here for me. It'll be really fast okay?" He nodded as I left the room and drove out of my driveway. When I get to the address I see him sitting outside on the curb. I drive slowly in front if him not wanting to run his foot over. When I stop he lifts his head up and stands heading towards me. He opened the door and sat in the car not even bothering to close his door. Instead he just sat there holding his head with a regretful look on his face. I lean over him and close my door before daring to drive with him not having a seatbelt on and all. Once I get situated I put my foot on the gas petal gently to start moving. "What's wrong?" I ask luke. He goes on and tells me about how his head hurts and his stomach is killing him, and he wishes he didn't go to the party in the first place because it wasn't even that fun. Somewhere inside of me it made me happy that he regretted it for the part that tonight we were going to hang out at the arcade but he wanted to go to the party, so I just let him. I let out a tiny giggle making him look at me. "What?" he asks me. "Oh nothing." I continue "its just that I now have the high score on space-yams!" I exclaim. He looks at me in disbelief but he finally knew that I wasn't joking. Space-yams is a game that was been around for centuries. Its a game where you live in space and you have to deliver these candy-yams to aliens. Its a really cheesy game but it's our favorite game. When I was eight and he was nine is when we first met. It was at the arcade and we always played the game. He always had the high score and I really wanted to beat him. He always made dun of how I couldn't beat him but finally one day I did. I even places down a bet for twenty dollars and a fist bump. So indeed I got it, but along with it I got his friendship. Which was probably the best gift I could ever have. For years we have been playing it together and we always were head to head. No one could ever beat us with all the practice we've had. We knew every strategy, cheat, and secret levels with powerful there ever were on the game. Just as I was thinking luke told me to stop. I did just as he said and turned my head to the right to see his house. "Will you come know just so my parents won't yell in front of you?" he asks. I nodded my head not even remembering I left my boyfriend stranded at my house. The whole night all we Sid was talk and play video games. I seen that it was three o'clock clock and didn't feel like driving home. Instead I just past out on Luke's couch in his living room.

Hey guys so I'm trying something new here.... I don't know why but I just felt like it. My story is there in us got deleted just like my other books so... I finally got help so it won't automatically delete these stories anymore. Yay :)

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