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Hello  girls to richwood high this is one of the best highschool's in in California and let me tell you there is going to be a lot of drama so get ready ...

"Omg!!!" i squealed," We are here! Long years of hard work and we finally Made it!"

" Yah , whatever," said my best friend Kathy looking at her phone like it was a donut, her eyes were litteraly glued there. The smile that I placed on my face all morning faded. She brushed her dirty blonde hair out of her eyes and looked up.

" We are at Richwood High! Incase you have forgotten...our dream school since first grade!"

"It was never that serious..." My jaw dropped to the floor.

" Kathy, drop the act, because I'm pretty sure Alex is just about ready to smack off all of the freckles on your face." Said my other best friend, Brenda.

  "Fine," she shoved her phone in her back pocket, "I did we are at mean girls  high  ( richwood high) me kathy , Brenda, and olive just got to one of the best college  mean girls high.

I know mean girls high sound like a bad school but it is not , it is where a lot of teenager s who want to learn how to be a pop star and rude and mean go to .

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