Jesabell & Who else?

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Genesis POV

I'm beyond happy, he does want this baby...I can't wait!

We laid in bed...Jason couldn't stop talking about what the baby would bring and how excited he was to be a dad

I didn't want to ruin the monent to I just listened and played along

Jason: so when can we find out the sex

Genesis: 2 to 3 months

Jason: I'm so going to that...I can't wait baby

he gave me a kiss

Genesis: I'm hungry

Jason: get dressed...

I ran to my closet and picked out black leggings with a long sleeve jean shirt

and my skin tone sandals will pearls

Genesis: where are we going

Jason: to eat...I think I'm pregnant too

Genesis: ha.ha.ha funny hurry up

while he got dressed, I ran to bells room

bell: come in

Genesis: Jason and I are going to grab a bite...I'll be back okay

bell: don't have too much fun...if you know what I mean

Genesis: gross....I'll be back

bell: okay...

I shut her door and went back to jason

Jason: ready babe

I nodded

we walked downstairs

Jason: mom! I'll be back

Genesis: mommas boy

Jason: oh please

I rolled my eyes

we got in his car and drove off

                       *car ride*

just as I was about to ask somethin he was about to say somethin

Genesis: sorry go ahead

Jason: you go...ladies first

Genesis: what would you want?...

Jason: we discussed this already

Genesis: what I mean was...if you had the chance to make it up

Jason: I think deep down...I really want a girl....but I want a boy too, so yea tough

Genesis: oh....your question?

Jason: well...I was wondering if just us, could get a house

I never thought he was going to ask that question

I was screaming in side of excitement

Genesis: could I answer that question after everything is over with....

Jason: yea

we stopped to get pizza which smelled amazing

Jason: have no idea how excited I am

Genesis: I'm excited and nervous...

Jason: me too but more excited then nervous

I smiled

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