Chapter. 2

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The lecture hall had already begun filling up with the bodies of my classmates, even they had the same bleak and tired expressions Hayley and I had plastered on their faces. It wasn't a surprise though, the entire campus turned up to the pathetic party in town, in hopes of liberation and freedom from the world we are forced to live in. But what they all failed to realise was one night of drunken freedom would bite them in the ass. Idiots, like myself.

I take my usual seat at the end of the row towards the front of the hall, before pulling out my ensemble of pens and textbooks, placing them neatly on the desk in front of me. It didn't seem so bad, sitting here in a room of around fifty students, listening to the back draft of gossip from last night, whilst texting Hayley. She herself was sitting in a lesson probably hunched over the desk regretting even setting foot on the campus after the swimming pool worth of alcohol we had both consumed.

"Ally hey" i hear a voice call me, without even bothering to look i know who it is.

"Um hey Ella" i reply forcing my lips up into a smile as she takes her seat next to me.

"Where you at the party last night?" she asks, starting to rummaging around in her bag just as Mr Jessop entered the room. Shit why was he here?

"Yeah i mean who wasn't at the party, i think you where the only one who didn't go" I shrug. Looking over at Mr Jessop who's now talking on the phone, he's the head of the literature department at the university, usually shacked up in his big fancy office kissing up to the board of directors. This is why him being here surprised me, more than anything else.

"Really the only person?" she ponders tapping on the desk,

"Pretty much" i respond, fondling around with one of my pens trying to work out what was going on, Mr O'Conner's was never late, class started on the dot almost every time and he practically lived in this room as if it where his second home. Not that any of us would blame him though, having met his wife at the last open day i would lock myself in a classroom too.

"What do you thinks going on?" Ella asked now diverting her attention to silver haired man attentively talking on the phone, something serious was happening and it unsettled me.

"I don't know, hopefully it doesn't fuck up our exams" i sigh watching as the door opened again, this time Mr Irwin entered the room. Oh shit. His eyes rake across the rows of students, a slight smirk washing upon those plump lips of his as he saw me. Great.

Diverting my gaze to the unopened text book, i immediately feel my cheeks burning in embarrassment. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be. "You ok?" Ella asks concerned as she places a friendly hand on my back. I jerk at the sudden contact swallowing the lump in my throat

"Yeah just tired" i retort, my gaze on Mr Irwin who is now talking to Mr Jessop

"He's hot isn't he" She giggle watching me as i unwillingly stare at the men before me, attempting to gather my thoughts


"Mr Irwin, he's gorgeous way too hot to be a teacher in my opinion" she shrugs dismissively, watching him just as contently as i was

"Yeah but, he's too hot to just be a teacher right. He clearly has something to hide" My tone lowering as the class seams to quieting, Ella humming in agreement.

"Sorry about this" i hear Mr Jessop mumble silently to Mr Irwin who simply just nods. "Once the hospital contacts us with news of his surgery, we will discuss your position" Surgery what? Everyone's attention was on Mr Jessop, he adjusted his black framed glasses before clearing his throat, silencing the room. Mr Irwin's eyes were on me and i began to fidget uncomfortably in my seat, trying so hard with everything i had not to look at him, but that was impossible. "So students. I must apologies for Mr O'Conner's absence today but I'm afraid i have some dreadful news" he paused for a moment, probably in fear of breaking down. "Mr O'Conner's has been in a terrible car accident this morning on the way to work; he's in surgery and will remain in hospital for as long as he needs. However in these circumstances Mr Irwin here will be looking after the class until Mr O'Conner's is fighting fit again" there was a moment of indulgent silence, not a sound, not a single word, just silence. Mr Jessop gave a glance around the room, swallowing the presumable lump in his throat before pacing out of the door, not looking anywhere but the floor, leaving us with that indigestible image of sorrow.

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