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♕La'Mya "Princess" Jones♕

I packed Quan, Hayden and I's clothes. My dad is taking us all to Quebec. I'm excited. "Quan!" I yell. He comes upstairs with Hayden. "Here, take the bags to the car, we leaving at 6:30." He nods putting Hayden on the bed. I took Hayden to his room, gave him a bath and put him in bed. As I was walking out his room, Quan glared at me. "What's wrong Quan?" I ask. "We gotta talk." He says taking my hand and leading me to the lounge near the steps. He sat on the couch, pulling me on his lap, facing him. He sighs looking away from my eyes, "I been hiding this for a couple months," He starts, "I got someone you need to meet." I give him a look, "Who?" I ask. "My son, Cartier." I just cross my arms, "How old is she?" I ask. "He's two months. But Im telling you because, his momma want me to take him." I just nod, about to get off his lap, his hands gripped my hips, "Mya, please don't be mad at me?" I just shrug avoiding his eyes, his hand touches my chin, causing me to look his way, "Why you boutta cry man?" I wipe my eyes, "Quan you lied about something so big. This is your child we're talking about." He sighs, "Mya I don't want you being mad at me ma. You understand? I hid this cause I feared your acceptance." I give him a look, "I told you soon as we started talking I had a son." He nods, "Respect. But, I wasn't sure rather this baby was mines or not, his mama a hoe." I just nod, "When he staying with us?" I ask. The doorbell rings, "Now." He puts me on the couch and goes down the steps. I look over the railing, Quan takes a carseat, placing it on the floor, then two suitcases, but took one to the car. Our pitbull, Rose was sniffing the baby carriage. "Move!" Quan snaps, causing Rose to run up the steps. When Quan came upstairs, he took Cartier out his carseat. He so handsome, and has lots of hair for his age.

"Look Carti, say hi." Quan sits next to me, sitting Cartier up. He was looking everywhere but to me. "Here." Quan puts him in my arms, "I'll be right back." He walks off no telling where that fool going.

♡Kayla Robinson♡

I sat on the plane next to Quinn as he slept. I pray that he can keep himself under control. He been taking a new medication for his disorders. Medie and Quinn Sir told me they really love me for what Im doing, knowing any other female woulda been left Quinn. I can't do that, I know if he get the right help, he can be the best man out here. I grab his hand and kiss his cheek, then look over at my two babies who were asleep as well.
When we landed in Quebec, I woke Quinn, only to see his dilated eyes, "You okay babes?" I ask. "Uh, yeah. Jus feeling dizzy." He says leaning over, resting his arms on his legs. "Come on." I help him up and got the twins.

We pulled up to this stupid big house. "Okay, here, everyone gets a key." Quinn Sir gives each of us a key, "Y'all be back at this house by 7:30." He tells us. I decided on letting the kids wonder around before going to check on Quinn who seemed to be getting sicker as the time went. "Baby, you okay?" I ask sitting next to him. I rub his chest, "Yeah. Go have fun." I shake my head, "Ima be at your side until you get better. You need something?" I ask, "No." He smiles. I peck his lips, feeling his arm snake around my waist, pulling me on top his body. "Baby, let's go downstairs and chill." Quinn suggest, we walked down to basement and found a full bar. "Ayeee!" Quinn sits at the bar, and began pouring himself a shot. "Quinn you can't drink with your condition." I take the bottle. "Bae, come on, we on vacation." I give him a concerned look before giving him the bottle. "Give me a kiss." He says, I smile and peck his lips.

We spent our night drinking and listening to music. "Baaaee, bae, let's go upstairs. I miss you." I slur kissing Quinn's lips and gripping him through his polo pajama's. "Quit playing na'." He grins showing his all whites, "Im not playing." I say about to leave a hickey on Quinn's neck.


I woke up and Quinn was in the bathroom throwing up. I just laid in bed, before getting up, putting on Quinn's basketball shorts and my sports bra. "You okay baby?" He nods and begins to brush his teeth. After we took showers, we headed downstairs where the family was eatting breakfast. Quinn and I sat on the balcony eatting alone, until I heard banging on the door. I look back and see the twins pressing their faces to the glass. I laugh and open the door, "Wassup mommy babies!" I pick up Jeremiah while Quinn scooped up Jaden. We sat on the balcony for the longest, "Babe." Quinn says, "Huh?" I ask. "I love you. I don't want this to change. I want to spend the rest of my life with you lil ugly." I smile, he always gotta ruin the moment. "I love you too baby." He takes my hand, I look down at Jeremiah who was asleep on my chest. Jaden was awake, sucking his thumb, almost asleep. "Aw, our lil fam." Quinn says laughing. I smile, then it fades, remembering that it won't be like this for long.

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