chapter 1: DANCE

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the home cumming dance was next week and terzi did not have a d8!!!
she went to skool & was @ her locker and looked ovr and saw her crush
it was the emo kid kerkat. she rlly liked him bc he was v hot. she got nerves and peed a little bit he came ovr and said hi and she sed hi too and they hugged and he askd her to he dance. he said yes but then the skool'd goth kid gamzer makra cum over and asked her 2. she didn't know what to say so she went into the bathroom and cryed. she saw her pal vriska and hugged her and cried. she wanted to go w vriska bug vriska was with sullax. vriska leaned down and smoch terzi and shushed her and told her evry thing will be alright.

te dance was tonight and terzi has desided to go alone!!! she was partying and drinking a lo t. she got druk and fell down bt vriska caught her and the went hme together !


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