Unexpected Valentine

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‘Get off me.’ She said through her teeth.

He looked down at her, shifting to take his weight on his elbows, ‘You really go red when you're angry, did you know that? It reminds me of something.’

‘I hope it reminds you of chili peppers!’ she snapped. ‘So you wouldn’t dare topple over me again.’

‘Punjabi tadka, my gorgeous, isn’t complete without red chili peppers. It isn't chili peppers but roses that you remind me of. And, don't blame me, it wasn’t me who caused us to slip.’ He paused, then said in an altogether different, huskier tone, ‘I hope you won't taste it. More precisely won't mind if you did taste it.’

‘What?’  She squirmed but not much. Experience had already told her the safety was in remaining immobile. Some safety. She could feel the warmth of him permeating through her thick clothes. Along with his scent. She took a deep breath and it went into her system. Delicious. Damn! She closed her eyes, praying for sense.

‘Taste the alcohol.’ he explained patiently above her, forcing her to focus on him. A little smile played on his mouth, ‘when I kiss you.’

  ‘How dare you even think that, you – you kerschnickered bear!’

‘I must be drunk.’ he said with a quiet chuckle that rumbled through his chest. ‘I've never had the urge to kiss a fat woman before.’


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