Chapter 8

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I woke up and walked into Ande's room. She was already gone. I was glad she was taking this seriously.

I walked into the kitchen and started to make cereal for everyone. When I opened the cabinet, I found a note from my sister on the cereal box. It read: "Karly, I made my group and I breakfast and took the messenger bag and a couple cell phones for everyone. I have a key and my phone with me. I'll call you if there is any trouble. -Ande."

I put the note aside and made the cereal. After the cereal was made, I woke everyone up. As we ate cereal, I assigned tasks for everyone. Grace was in charge of getting fruit, Cali was in charge of hunting, and Austin was in charge of making a farm.

I gave each of them a phone so we could keep in touch. I made sure that we had everyone's number too. Once everyone's phone was fully charged, I sent everyone to work. Once they were down the ladder, I started to clean the house.

I started with the living room. I cleaned up the cards and put them in their box. The box went in a small box in the closet with the extra treehouse keys.

Once the living room was clean, I cleaned the kitchen. That was easy because everything was put away except the bowls from breakfast.

I then walked into my and Ande's rooms and cleaned them. My room was the easiest room to clean.

Once every room was cleaned, I climbed down the ladder and looked at the garden Austin made. It was behind the tree trunk and was already fenced in.

"Hi Austin! How's the farm going?" I asked, walking along the path in the middle to where he was in the back building a tool shed.

"Great. Want to see which crops are which?" He answered, looking up at me.

"Sure." I replied.

We started at the front looking towards the shed. The crops to my right are carrots and to my left are tomatoes. The crops in front of the carrots are potatoes and strawberries are in front of the tomatoes.

"Nice. You did a great job." I praised.

"Thanks. I put extra seeds in the shed." He said.

"Good. When you've finished, you can have free time." I said, walking out.

"Ok. Thanks!" He called after me.

I flicked my ear so that he knew I heard him. I walked back inside to find Cali and Grace cleaning the meat and fruit.

"I'm guessing you were successful?" I asked.

"Yea. I killed enough meat for a couple weeks and Grace found tons of fruit." Cali answered.

"There is tons of fruit trees in this forest." Grace added.

"Good. After those are put away, you guys can have free time." I said, walking to the living room.

"Thanks!" They said.

"Your welcome." I answered.

Ande came in right as I sat down. Her whole group was panting.

"What happened?" I asked, standing up and walking to Ande, who was sitting at the bar.

"We...We got attacked." Ande answered.

"By what?" I gasped.

"By...By other hybrids. They were wolf and hawk hybrids like. Like you and Luke." She explained.

"How far did they chase you?" I asked.

"I don't know."

"Did they see the base?"

"I don't think so."

"Good. Even so, we need to set a guard." I said.

"Okay. How should we do that?" Ande asked.

"I'll go first. We switch off at dawn, lunch, dusk, and midnight. The previous guard picks the next guard." I explained to the group.

Everyone murmured their agreement and we prepared dinner.

After dinner, when the sun was setting, I took my place at the bottom of the tree to keep watch while everyone else went to bed.

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