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::YN POV::


Me and Dwight and Saleena and D.A.'s boy,Jay came. The other people dat was commin wit us had to go cuz they mom n FAM wants dem to do something. Dwight and Jay went in a store fa men and me and Saleena stayed outside da store talkin about dem.


::Saleena:: Gurl Jay fine asf, mami likie!

::YN:: Gurl yass, but D.A. bae. Dat boy tall n he cute, plus he got dem juicy pink lips too. Mami lik DAT!!

::Saleena:: *Jay behind Saleena*Bruh I just wanna go up to Jay and kiss dem lips off, he can see me any time he wants fym!!

::YN:: Ummmmm... Saleena? Look behind you!!

::Saleena:: *jumps* Bruh you scared me nigga, don't run up on a G Lik dat fooh!!

::Jay:: My bad ma, but I lik wat u was saying about me BTW you fine asf u can do da same too I'd love to see you anytime I want.*bites lips*

::YN&D.A.:: Awwwweee I see y'all ova der getting all freaky n shit get you one!!

::Saleena & Jay::*blushes* shut up!!


Me and Dwight was is da front seat while Saleena and Jay was in da bac talkin. I was just listen to Only by Nicki minaji, Chris brown,Lil Wayne, n drake wen I thought about having a sleep over since it was Friday.

::YN:: Aye!! Y'all wanna have a sleep ova at me house I can call my dad n tell him imma have some frands ova tonight?

::Dwight,Jay,&Saleena:: Hell Yea!!!

::YN:: Ok I'll tell my daddy


::August:: Hello?

::YN:: Daddy?

::August:: Hyy pooh bear, wassup

::YN::Can me and three frands sleep ova tonight........pleaseeeee?

::August:: Of course pooh bear, I'll be at da house soon I'm just commin from da studio.

::YN:: Ok,we on our way der in a few gotta get they stuff from they house.

::August::Ok,bye baby love you.

::YN:: Bye daddy love you too.


We stopped by Jay and Dwight house and went to my house. Saleena already had clothes der sence she's always here.


I drove into my drive way and walked up the stairs to da door and unlocked it. I let everybody in and led them to the big ahh living room.

::Dwight:: Damn ma, yo house big asf

::YN:: I know my mom Rihanna and my dad August Alsina



::YN:: Y'all wanna watch some movies and eat a lot of junk food fooh's??

::EverybodyexYN:Ummmmm.....HELL YEA NIGGAAA!!!!!!

::YN::*laughs and walks in da kitchen and grabs junk food and walk bac out with a hand full of food*


::Dwight::yn.....can I talk to you fa a sec?

::YN:: yea I guess*walls in the hallway together*

::Dwight::yn I haven't been honest wit you. I gotta tell you somethin about my fam and wat they do

::YN:: ok so stop sugarcoating and tell me wassup!!


Wat will Dwight tell her ? How will she react? I'm soooooo sorry da da delay of dis chapter but my momma took my fone n she aint gone Giv it bac till I get home skooled......but anyway my bro finally let me see his Is fone to type and now I'm done!!!! Tel me wat yall think n drop ya comments and shit ya know wassup!!



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