Special abilities

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SmokeyKit was just sitting on a tall, grey, rock. She had no idea of what she was able to do. CoolKit, one of SmokeyKits litter mates asked, "what are you doing on this rock all alone? Don't you want to hang out with the rest of the litter?" SmokeyKit looked down. "No, I just want to think for a minute or two." She answers. "Uh, okay. But when your ready to play, just come to us." She says as she makes a slight grin and walks off. [ugh] she thought. She ran back to the rest of her litter mates. Everyone was crying. She heard moans and crying. "What's going on?! Let me see!" Shouted SmokeyKit. Everyone backed away so she could see. Tears fell down Smokeys grey/black cheeks. She fell to the ground and tried to get her mother up. "Mom!" Shouted SmokeyKit. "I will be okay." Promised the mom. "No!" Yowled SmokeyKit. But it was too late. The mom had died from blood loss. CoolKit, SmokeyKit, CurlyKit, and SteadyKit didn't know what to say, but instead just cried.
Their mother was all they had. They wouldn't do anything without her. So they went on a journey to find a new life. All of them. If they couldn't live with their mother, then they shouldn't be here at all. At first, the journey was long and dark. "We don't know which way to go back. Nor which way to turn back. So we might as well continue going. Said SteadyKit. (Which was the only boy of the litter.) "but I'm hungry, and I'm thirsty, and I'm tired!" Yowled CurlyKit. She was always the picky one of the litter.

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