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"This place is beautiful. We've been here before though. You proposed to me here," Abbey said in awe as she looked at the beautiful scenery in front of her.

"I took you here because we haven't been on a real date yet. Plus you're always telling me how you know nothing about me. So now's the time to get to know me," Kade said romantically to Abbey.

"Okay," Abbey said as she sat down on the beautiful freshly cut green grass. "What's your favorite food?"

"Okay not the best question but burgers."

"Favorite color?"

"Black. It looks best on me," Kade said back to his cocky ways. "But don't you want to know something interesting about me?"

"Ok what's there to know? Why don't we start with why your so locked up all the time. It's almost as if your scared to open up to me."

That had not been what Kade was expecting. He was hoping for the how many brothers and sisters do you have question. Or what are your parents like, not that he had any but still that would have been better then this.

Abbey saw his face change. She instantly regretted saying that. "If you don't want to talk about it it's fine."

"No. In my last relationship I opened up. We were so close. I loved her. With everything I had. I told her everything. All the bad things. The good. She told me everything. So I thought. She hadn't told me about how depressed she was. She claimed she was fine but I knew better. She was sad for me. I never knew why though. I thought she was getting better but she wasn't. When I went to her house a few days later after I thought she was okay. She had hung herself," Kade said deep into thought. He looked heartbroken.

"I'm so sorry," Abbey said knowing that wouldn't change anything.

"It's fine. The past is the past," Kade said trying to change the subject. "So what about you? Anything I should know? I don't want a relationship built on secrets."

"I'm an open book. If you want to know anything just ask."

"Okay," Kade said while laying down with his arms under his head. Abbey lay next to him. For a while they were looking at each other. As Abbey leaned in to kiss him, Kade pulled Abbey on top of him. For a while they were kissing while Abbey was on top of him. This time with no memories.

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