Chapter 11

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Im being held in my moms tight embrace. We are all at the gate saying goodbye to loved ones. The loud screech of the gate opening makes my ears sting.

    “Mom, we gotta go if were gonna make it there by tomorrow morning.”

“Okay……………..Okay. I love you and stay safe, and dont forget to-” I cut her off.

    “Mom, im not going to sleep away camp.” I say with a laugh.

“I know i know. Now when you meet Mark just be patient with him. And no matter how much you trust him NEVER give your secret away. The fate of our people is your hands.” She says.

    “Ha! No pressure right?” I say. “Come on guys! We gotta go. I dont have time to waste! Get your asses moving.” I yell as i gesture to the open gate. “We wanna make it by tomorrow morning. Come on!” I yell.

    “Yes mam.” West says with a little salute. I smile. He always knows how to make me laugh.

    I look back and everyone is on their way except Lindsy.

“Bitch!” I yell. Her head shoots up and she glares at me. Her eyes are hard. “Lets go! We gotta go!” I yell.

    “Im coming!!!!” She yells.

We have been walking in silence for the past. Well i dont even know. It the getting even darker. Were already late. But whatever.

    “Guys, we need to stop. I cant even see one step ahead of me.” I say.

    “Its freezing, Hunter hold me.” I hear Lindsy say.

“Oh Hunter please gag me.” I say mocking Lindsy’s voice.

“Fuck you Trinity.” If i could see her i would hit her. “Can anyone light this place up!” I yell.

    “None of us have that power.” I do.

“Wait. I feel heat and all of a sudden there is a bright light burning in my hand.

    “Damn! Trinity!!! What the hell!” I hear west yell.

“No questions. No time. Shut up and get me some wood.” They all just stand there and stare at me and the fire in my hands.

    “Or you can stand there like fucking idiots and freeze to death.” And that bring them out of their trance.

    Once the wood is placed and the fire is burning all eyes are on me.

“Stop staring.” I finally say.

“Nobody has 2 powers.” Hunter says.

“Well, obviously thats not true.” I say as i turn away. “Now get some sleep we will keep going in the morning.” I say as i lay on the cold ground.

    “I still dont see why she cant fucking teleport us. Lazy bitch.” Lindsy whispers to Hunter.

    “Because teleporting your fat ass would kill me.’ I say loudly.

“No big loss.” She says.

“I feel the same way about you.” I say.

“Hunter picked me!” She yells.

“Thats because he prefers SLUTS. And im not like that. Good thing you fit the description perfectly.” I say.

    “Oh cat fight!” West yells.

“Shut up West.” Me and Lindsy both say in unison.

    I dont have anything else left to do but sleep. And hopefully when i wake up Lindsy will be gone. Or at least less of a Bitch.

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