Chapter one

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Ok so this is my crazy story on how I joined the Winchesters family business. I was walking to my apartment when a 67' Chevy Impala comes out of nowhere and almost hits me! A man comes out who looks about 22 introduces himself as Sam Winchester and his brother Dean as the one who almost hit me. He comes out of the car and I almost fainted. He has short spiked hair and a chiseled jaw. Then a man In a business suit and a trench coat comes out reading a Busty Asian Beauties magazine. "Cas, Dean yelled "don't read that in public". Just as he put the magazine in the car a man with a sharp black suit comes out of the other side. "Moose, Squirrel introduce us to this young lady" the man said. "Ok so the man in the trench coat is Cas and the dick in the suit is Crowley" Sam said. "What's your name sweetie" Crowley asked. "It's Maddie" I told Crowley. "Hello Maddie I am Castiel angel of the lord here to protect you" he said. "Uhhhhh what does he mean Sam" I asked. " Maddie we need to talk in private" Dean said as he interrupted Sam. We got to my apartment as I dragged fold up chairs around my table. "So what does Cas mean when he said angel of the lord" I questioned. "Oh, darling I'm the king of hell and trench coat over there is an angel" Crowley said. "What the HELL is going on" I screamed as Castiel or Cas puts two fingers on my forehead and I slipped into unconsciousness.
Omg thank you for reading if you have I will try making my chapters longer!!! Please vote or comment suggestions! Thanks for reading again! I will try to post every week.

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