Entering the storm

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((So, time for part 2,
FYI dem names))

''Come on Rin!'' Shouted the girl. She had long green and black stripey hair and a yellow skirt on, leading to her knees. A rainbow jacket along with a shirt that says 'I love unicorns'. Her chest was... a argueble size compared to Tsubaki's. Her voice sounded like a eager american... that was never not eager.
''We don't wanna be late on our first day do we!''

The boy simply replied ''Well maybe if you stop shouting as your 2 meters in front of me, we will get there quicker? Just maybe?''. The boy on the other hand wore much darker clothes, his hair a shining shade of black, it was fairly short, in a simmilar manner to death the kid. how this could be Stein's nephew, nobody knew, he had a slight english accent, if he was mocking or not. it was fairly strong.

''I wonder if we will meet any freinds!'' Again, she shouted.

Meanwhile. Up top, the gang were waiting eagerly for the new students. When all of a sudden, they hear faint shouts from two people.
"They must be the new pupils..." Maka said.
"Indeed... But their history... It seems shocking how my father would let them into the academy..." Kid replied.
"Anyway, kid, you have refused to tell us their history. Why?" Soul questioned.
Laughs from the sun echoed throughout the city.
"Many reasons Soul... many..." Kid shook his head.
"Yes kid. Tell the all amazing blackstar " blackstar boosted.
"If I tell you guys, they won't seem the same." Kid fought for a reason not to say.
"We won't kid. Tell us." Soul said with a sense of authenticity in his voice.
"Okay then.
The girl is a daughter of a-"
"Don't" a sudden voice came from behind them, everybody turned their heads to see that stein had come to see his nephew's arrival, along with his girlfriend, the kishin's daughter.
"You guys do not ask them about their history. It is best not knowing, if they wish to say, it's their choice, not ours." Stein said.
All the students nodded, kid turned and whispered "Why are you coming here... Why..."
10 painstaking minutes had past of complete silence when the two students hurried up the last steps.
The two students heads popped up over the stairs where the boy instantly ran to Professor stein and said "So happy to see you uncle". All people who didn't know this looked.
They all said in unison "HE'S YOUR NEPHEW?".
"Do they know about Eva's history?"
"Only the kid with the white stripes does, it's yours and Eva's choice about telling the rest." Comforted stein
Eva stood there smiling when she finally said "Hi..." In her no longer eager state from the audience.
Kid walked up and greeted her. "Hello, I am Death the kid, you can just call me kid." His voice quieted "I know your history, I don't judge, it is your choice to tell the rest."
She replied "okay." Rin had begun walking over
"Eva" Rin said.
"Is it about telling the others?"
"I would like to say they are all extremely trust worthy." Kid interrupted
"Should we say?" Eva whispered.
"I think we should" Rin said.
"I don't know... Heck, let's say"
Rin nodded to stein, stein respected the choice.
"Guys" The silence was broken by Kid, "They are going to say their history". Everybody's faces lit up with joy.
Rin and Eva held hands nodded to each other.
Rin describe the story. "Guys... Obviously I'm Stein's nephew... She is Eva... My girlfriend. She is also the daughter of a Kishin..." Everybody gasped, the sun chuckled high in the sky.
Maka's eyes shot up about how she was the daughter of Kishin, everybody froze.
Rin and Eva looked at each other and held tighter to await the others reaction.
Blackstar couldn't quite comprehend what had just been said.
Stein piped up "That's why your father disowns you Rin. But that is how you can resist the madness. That's why my brother disowns you..." Stein looked down. " That is why I invited you here, your safe here." Stein said with a sense of true honesty.
"We will have to learn to except our friends here with us." Kid stepping up to the plate.
Everybody looked shocked from the new news that was given.
"Indeed" maka agreed looking more serious. " But what about the madness?"
"I have the pills, we will be fine.". Kid gave out the pills to everyone.
The sun stayed high and laughing at the students. It's laughter wearing as the day goes along.
"Back to lessons. We have wasted enough time already."

On the way back, blackstar slowed down to go with Rin and Eva, "Guys, I should tell you, I'm the most awesome one here and you should be pretty scared of me because-"
"Blackstar, leave them be" Tsubaki called. "It's been a tiring day for all of us."
"HA Tiring! Pleaseeee blackstar doesn't get tired"
Maka spoke up "Anyway, who is the weapon between you guys?"
"I'm the meister" Eva said. "Rin is my weapon, he can transform into a battle axe with a scythe addition"
"That is pretty cool, I can transform into a scythe." Soul said casually.
"I can turn into a couple of things, a ninja star, ninja daggers, the enchanted sword-" said Tsubaki before being cut off by Blackstar "So basically we are pretty awesome!"
"What about you kid? Are you a weapon?" Eva said, still walking through the seeming endless halls.
"Huh? Oh I'm a miester and- wait where are Liz and Pattie?" Kid said worrying. And then, he took a good look at Eva and realised...

She wasn't symmetrical..
The others sighed. "Calm down kid... Think of the folded toilet paper at home that is perfectly symmetrical." Liz said just outside the classroom.
He stuttered "B-b-but she's not symmetrically" kid cried.
"Yeah well neither are you kid" Liz stated
"It's alright kid!" Pattie reassured.
The rest of the gang walked in slowly followed by kid, Liz and Pattie.
"Hey kid, what can Liz and Pattie transform to?" Eva asked, still wondering from her earlier question.
"Oh, they can both transform into pistols."
"That is awesome!" Eva's voice had calmed down and gone back to her normal state of a eager American wanting to learn.
Yet, the storm was only beginning...

((I hope you liked this next section, I tried my best, I forgot about Liz and Pattie whilst writing and made it so they walked on XD huh,stupid me))

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