Finally Leaving and coming home.

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3 years ago my mom and brother left for London so he could live his dreams. I was so proud of him. I moved in with my father when they left so I could finish school and move out to leave with them. I finished school a year ago, but my father forced me to stay and tell my mom that I was happy here when really I'm not.

"Stupid bitch!" My dad screamed kicking me in the stomach "please dad stop"i yelled back only to be kicked in the face. I got fired from my job because I was late too much And dad was angry because I wouldn't have money to buy him his needs. Beer. "Leave! Don't come back until you have a job!" He pulled my hair and pushed me out the door. I snuck around the house and climbed into my room through the window. My room was in the basement so it wasn't hard. I went to my bathroom and took in my appearance. I had nots all in my brown curly hair, blood running from my nose and black circles on both my dark brown eyes. I have old bruises and scars all over my body, my ribs were still bruised from when dad came home drunk a week ago. I've stopped fighting back after 2 and a half years ago. I haven't told anyone not even my mom. But that was going to change. I needed out of here before he ends up killing me. I called my mom for the first time in months. She answered on the Third ring.

"Hello?" She asked through the phone. "Hi mom it's me Sky." My voice came out shakier than I wanted it too. "Oh my baby! How are you? Are you alright?" I could hear worry in her voice. "Actually mom no I have to tell you something." I sighed. I could almost see her nodding her head for me to continue. "After you left dad changed, he started drinking and yelling but he also started hitting me." I cried into the phone. "God no please" I heard mom cry on the other line "its been happening for a while now mom and I need to leave. I wanted to years ago but he wouldn't let me so I've saved money, I can come if you'd let me." I sounded hopeful on the other end. "Dear of course! Leave today! Call me when you land I'll get the boys to bring you to our house." She spoke. "No no don't tell the boys anything please? It will be a surprise will you pick me up?" I sniffed. "Of course dear I miss and love you so much" "I love you too I have to pack I'll call you when I land." "Alright honey be safe. Bye"

I put my phone on charge and I packed all my clothes and belongings that I needed. I grabbed my money and my bag and threw it out the window. I took my phone and headphones and jumped out the window whispering goodbye as I grabbed my bags and ran.

I was now sitting on a 21 hour plane ride to London I was finally letting go. I didn't deserve this. I plugged in my headphones and turned on my 5sos playlist. What I'm a fan! I closed my eyes and fell to sleep.

I woke up when I was shooked by a flight attendant. "We're here" she smiled walking down the rows. I'm not surprised that I slept the hole time. I haven't had a good sleep in years, I was always worried that if I feel asleep in that house that I'd never wake up. I grabbed my bags and walked into the air port cafe and called my mom telling her I was here she said shed be here in ten minutes. I sighed taking a sip from my hot chocolate and a bite from my cookie. "Sky?" Someone said taping my shoulder I turned around to see my mother, she hasn't changed at all. "Mom!" I cried pulling her into a hug. "Oh my baby I barley recognized you!" She cried holding on tighter. When she pulled away she took my face in her hands looking at the bruises. "I'm so sorry baby girl." She cried pulling me into another hug. "It's okay I'm here now that's all that matters!" I smiled. We walked out the airport and climbed into my moms car. "The boys are in rehearsal at the moment so I'll drop you off at home and pick them up." I nodded my head and looked out the window. I could see frost on the windows London was cold compared to Australia that's for sure.

We pulled up to this huge red brick house if you can even call it a house. "Woah" I smiled looking over at mom "you live here!?!" Mom laughed and hopped out of the car. We took my bags from the trunk and opened the door to the large house. The walls were painted gray with pictures and awards the boys have hung up on the wall. "Goal!" I heard someone yell from the living room. "Oh boys must be early why don't you go see them while I put your bags in your new room". Mom smiled walking up the stairs. I was nervous but excited at the same time I've know the boys as long as Calum has but I wasn't as close. Calum. I missed him he was my bestfriend, we'd message each other once and a while but not as much as I wished we did. I turned the corner and saw all boys on the couch their backs facing me playing FIFA. Except Ashton he was on his phone. "Nooo Mikey that was suppose to be my goal!" Calum fake cried. "Shut it Hood!" Michael laughed back. I walked closer to the couch wrapping my arms around Calums neck. All the boys jumped and looked at me shocked looks on all their faces. "How'd you get in?" Calum asked looking at me weirdly. He wasn't happy to see me. "Really! Fans getting in the house now?" Ashton chuckled. "Look we love our fans to death but you can't be in here" Luke said leading me to the door. They didn't remember me? I mean I don't look the same but I still look like I use too. "Yeah please don't tell people we live here" Calum smiled opening the door and pushing me out lightly. I turned around and saw them all looking at me waiting to say something. From behind them I could see mom coming down the stairs, she pushed the boys away and pulled me in giggling slightly as she closed the door. "Oh is she our new stylist?" Luke chuckled also. mom went to say no but I cut in "yes". I smiled "oh sorry about that" "no problem mr hemmings." I replied smiling. "Call me luke" he smiled shaking my hand. "I'm sky-pe."i said quickly. Skype really? I mentally hit my forehead. Calum chuckled "as in the app skype?" "Yup!" I smiled looking over at mom who still had a look on her face. "well I'll just show Skype her room then" mom said pulling me up the stairs I waved at the boys and turned around and continued up the stairs. When me and mom were alone In the room she turned to me "why?" She chuckled. "Why not?" I sighed "he doesn't remember me anyway." "Oh "honey" mom said pulling me into a hug. "You don't look like you use too. Your pale with scars along your body and your bones sticking out." Mom sighed tears in her eyes. "Mom please stop, it's in the past I'm here now and that's all that matters!" I pulled her in another hug. "I'll tell them who I really am tomorrow". I smiled , mom chuckled. "Alright but come down I'm making lunch."I nodded my head and followed her downstairs. "Tell the boys I'm making pizza" mom smiled I nodded and headed towards the living room. "Hey mrs.hoods making pizza" I smiled sitting on the couch beside Calum. "Call her mamma Hood it sounds better" Calum chuckled. My smile grew wider I came up with that idea awhile ago for all the boys moms. "Clever where'd you get that idea" I mentally winked. "My sister, but she lives back in Australia with her dad. We have different dads. " Calum sadly smiled. "Oh that must suck" I added "yeah I miss her like crazy but we don't talk anymore. She chose her dad over us so I guess she doesn't care about us." My heart dropped of course I care! I just didn't have a choice. "So" I changed the subject. "Who wants to get their asses kicked at COD?" I challenged. The boys stared at me. "Your on" Luke smiled.

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