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Michaels POV

"Be right back." brad said getting up.

"I have to call daisy."

I've been waiting two hours, and still know nothing.

I've been crying for the amount a time and I've tried to control my shaking limbs, but nothing.

I don't want her to die. Or have committed suicide.

I saw the new scars on her arm, and I didn't mean for her to get this way.

"God I'm such an idiot." I mumbled in my hands.

"Michael no your not." Ashton said.

"Stop blaming yourself for everything. It's not your fault. it's no ones fault." ashton said patting my leg.

"But what if it is? I just want her to be ok." I said folding my hands and closing eyes again.

"I think we all do." ash said standing up and patting my back.

"I want her so bad." I said as I felt leg shaking even more

"We know how much you love her." Calum said.

"With everything in me." I said.

I sniffed as I said,

"And I feel like I should thank you guys."

"Thank us for what?" Calum asked.

"Just think of it." I said sitting up.

"If you guys didn't come sooner for Hailey, she wouldn't be found on the floor. And if she is dead, *sniff, i least i wouldn't have to hear it from other people."

"Ya that's true." ash mumbled.

"Yes. Plus we got help right and our treating her very quickly. if we didn't get here...she probably will be dead. thank you guys."

I then stood up and hugged the guys.

"Your welcome man." Calum said as they both patted my back.

"If only Luke gave a shit." I said wiping my eyes.

They chuckled.

"Ya I know." ashton said.

"Hey I'm back." brad said.

"Hey what did daisy say?" I asked.

"She's worried sick." brad said with his eyes big and red.

"She wants to come but she's out of town. so........she's praying for her. anything from the doctor?"

I was about to say no when,

"Excuse me."

I looked to see an old man standing in front of me.

"How is she?" I asked almost immediately.

"Guessing you know Hailey." he inferred.

"Ya." I said stuttering a little for wanting to say was her boyfriend.

" is she?"

"Well. the good news is....she'll be up in an hour or so."

I took a breath of relief as I could brad, Calum, and ashton take a breath.

"But there is some bad news." the doctor said.

"What? wh...whats the bad news?" I asked getting scared.

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