“Listen.. guys.. we don’t wanna fight alright! We’re leaving” Ryan takes a deep breath and replies slowly.

We turn around to walk away but are stopped once again by another voice.


And that single word was the cause of everything that happened next.

Ryan turns around slowly taking me with him. We now face back to Niall who has a smug look on his pretty Irish face and hands crossed against his chest.

On his left stand Harry,Zayn and Paul while on his right are Louis and Liam.  All the guys have smug looks on their faces except Paul and Zayn. Paul sports a bored look while Zayn sports a confused and sorry look, like he has no other option but to back Niall and stand with the boys.

“Can you just hold this for me?” Ryan turns to me with a forced smile on his face and hands me his half eaten chocolate ice-cream cone.

Then he takes 3 quick steps and lands before Niall Horan.

“Say.. it.. once.. more” Ryan slowly says as if he’s threatening Niall who’s inches away from him.

“Chic..ken” Niall smirks even wider.

The next second Ryan’s fist collides with Niall’s jaw and the latter tumbles down on the ground. Immediately Louis runs to Niall’s aid and starts to help him but Niall pushes him away. Pushing his hands on the ground he gets up and spits out blood. He runs towards Ryan and pushes him to the ground pounding him and soon both the guys are punching and kicking each other.

Zayn runs to pull Niall away while Harry tries to pull Ryan away. Ryan’s pushes Harry back but ends up hurting him with his elbow.

“Damn ! Not the face you idiot!!” Harry yells at Ryan.

“Who the hell you calling an idiot!!” Ryan turns to Harry and pushes him.

“You did not just push me..!” Harry states appalled.

“I did.. Oops! I did it again” Ryan mocks pushing Harry once again.

“That’s it” Harry states as he holds Ryan’s collar and pushes him to the ground.

And soon all the six guys are fighting like animals.

“Hey wimp!! They are gonna kill eachother because of you” someone shouts.

I whip my head to see the same pink haired girl from before looking at me disgustedly. Sure what she’s saying is true but I’m gonna deal with her first before the guys. So without a word I put down my toy elephant and walk to pink haired chic and smash Ryan’s half eaten chocolate ice-cream into her face. She shrieks a high pitched typical girly scream.

“Never ever call me that!” I state.

I turn around and run towards the fighting boys.

“GUYS!! STOP IT!!! JUST STOP IT!!” I scream but my words fall on deaf ears.

I turn around to see Paul who’s just standing at one side least bothered, admiring his nails.


THEM DO SOMETHING!!” I yell at him.

He looks up at me and raises one eyebrow, acting completely oblivious to scene beside him.


Isn’t he their bodyguard! Why is he not doing anything!

“You mean to say this is not another publicity stunt..” he asks shock written all over his face.

“NO......THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR REAL” I say bewildered myself at his ridiculous question.

Realizing the gravity of the situation Paul goes into complete bodyguard mode and sorts out the mess within minutes. He pulls out Ryan and pushes him at one side while he restrains One Direction to the other side.

Ryan walks back towards me with multiple bruises on his face. His t-shirt is a in a mess and half tucked out. His hair is dishevelled.

“Sorry” he apologizes as he stands infront of me.

I glare at him and then at the 1D guys behind him, all bruised and bashed up as well. Their usually immaculate shirts are now creased and dirty due to the fight. And all of their pretty faces contain some sort of bruises but the worst is Niall’s face due to the punch he suffered.

Without uttering a word I turn around and walk away completely angered at their childish behaviour.

“Eliza..” I hear Ryan running after me but continue walking.


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